The Womb Web

      There is an energy inside of your womb. It’s a divine network that is interconnected to all the divine wombyn in this universe. If you pray to this womb web in alignment with your destiny, your dreams will come true. If you honor this beautiful energy inside of you, you will be honoring all the divine Goddesses on this planet.

      For many years I have worked in the commercial yoga industry. I prayed and prayed to the spirits of this universe to help me get out onto the world stage so that I could make something of my life and also to help illuminate the consciousness of the wombyn. For years I felt totally blocked in this mission to be seen. I could get a group to follow me to India or Jamaica or Bali but to get a corporation to recognize me and see me as valuable was impossible. I saw younger yogi fans of mine having major success and thought “I am too hippy or too conscious “ to be part of the teaching community that was teaching to thousands. I wanted to get out there but nothing I tried was getting me “out” anywhere. Go for it! Ask for what you need! These are the things the world tells us when wanting to achieve our innermost goals. It seemed if I tried, the harder the rejection came.

      It was 2013 when I had my second baby. I chose a sovereign pregnancy and birth because of what I had learned in my first pregnancy and birth. I had so many experiences regarding trust at this point that delivering my own baby actually wasn’t that challenging. During this second pregnancy is when the universe told me about this womb web. I began downloading so much about the divine feminine and her pain during my first birth and the healing that came after, but this womb web stuff was new to me. Spirit told me that all the divine goddesses on this planet were working together to heal and birth the new earth. That it is an underground network that is here to provide for any wombyn who also wants to heal this planet and themselves from thousands of lifetimes of dominator-patriarchal control. Some of the ways we can enhance our womb majick are, giving our blood to the Earth when we release our monthly moon medicine, meditation with our hands placed in downward facing triangle (ancient symbol for the yoniverse) over the 2nd chakra where our womb is located and also plant medicines that enhance the feminine energies so we can tune into this sacred Ida Nadi intelligence.

      I have had a few experiences with this womb web that blow my own mind and one of them I will briefly share because of who we are both know. Last year I was in Costa Rica teaching some Infinite Source Yoga on a friend’s retreat. I knew the Envision festival was coming up and it was working my emotions to be near it, I had tried to become a teacher at that festival for many years with no success (as always lol) I started placing my hands on my womb and asking the womb web to help me get to that festival so that my children could have a consciousness expanding experience in the jungle that included like minded nature loving families. I didn’t ask for anything but a way to get there. I had a very small budget for my travels and didn’t think I could even afford a ticket. My friend Rachel Brathen was teaching at the festival and so I asked her if she knew a way for me to be involved. I have no clue if Rachel knows about the womb web but what happened next floored me. NOBODY HAS EVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS FOR ME IN 10 YEARS OF TEACHING COMMERCIALLY AND TRUST ME I HAVE ASKED. She wrote the festival. She said ONE OF HER FRIENDS & TEACHERS (trust me again it takes some serious non-egoic love energy for a yoga teacher to say that in this commercial world) was in Costa Rica and wants to be a part of the festival, and if there was anything they could do to have me ON AS A PRESENTOR. And just like that the magick of the universe was real and my name was on the fucking website!!!! I got to teach alongside Rachel and Meghan Currie and Kaypacha (another amazing teacher of mine) it was BEYOND a dream come true. I met students from all over the globe and healed my own wounds of not feeling connected to the group or seen as a teacher of so many years. It was emotional and healing and orgasmic all in one. I will never forget that experience as long as I live. I did send Rachel a note, I did pray for years and years and worked hard for a decade to deserve the honor but I’m telling YOU the womb web is where you want to be offering your prayers to the Goddess because its OTHER WOMBYN who are going to help you and connect you in the ways that are specific for your dharma.

      Also, if your feeling stuck in your spiritual practice and provided for, I urge you to place your hands on your womb and send the energy of assistance to the Goddesses that are seeking help. Open up your energy field for giving and you will connect with the people you need for your own ascension. I have many more mind- blowing womb- web connection stories that I will save for future writings. I am not sure I really am able to relay the magick of being a teacher at a festival that you have wanted to teach at since its inception, or the beauty of a friend going out on a limb for me. Prayers are answered in their own time and in alignment with truth energy. Keep your prayer, keep your faith and open up your 2nd chakra energy field for communication and healing with your chosen family, your tribe. The womb web is REAL and we are all in this together.


Sending love and healing ASH


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