How Do You Want to Feel in 2017?

The New Year brings up a lot of reflection. In order to step forward usually we must step back and reflect on the things that worked for us and the things that didn’t work for us. Usually to step into a new relationship we must step back and nurture the wound of the heart and reflect on the qualities we adored and the qualities that hurt our spirit’s truth.

You see there is always a sense of death and mourning, even if it’s faint, before we bring in new life. We are navigating the cycles of nature as we step into a new year. In the East Coast, it’s also gloomy out, cold, and this gives us this primal internal nesting feeling. In that internal mode, we are able to sit a bit close to the beat of our heart and hear the messages that she has.

Sometimes the New Year ups new pressures… to “get it right” or “accomplish more” and without realizing it, sometimes the new year brings up a slight tendency to focus on perfection rather than progress. What if this year we gave up the pressures of a MUST do list and focus on truly what feels good. How do you want to feel this year?

Open Hearted

Focus on the feeling rather than the list. If the list is bringing anxiety, let it go. It’s actually more important how we feel than what we accomplish. How we go about getting the goal is essential for our peace and joy. It’s the journey as well as the destination. Let’s enjoy life and let go of the shoulds and musts and step into the desires and stirrings of our heart instead. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a powerful year for us lightworkers and change makers and creatives. Practice lots of self-care, forgiveness, and self- love and let that love move all the rest that you desire for this new year. In fact, each day is a new year, each minute a new year. Each moment we breathe a new year – how blessed are we? Happy New Year everyone, so grateful for you all.

In the comments below let me know how you want to feel in this new year!


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