Top 10 Ways to Improve your Day

Feeling good every day is my #1 priority.

Below are my top 10 ways to improve my day, mood and attitude!

1. Meditate 15-30 min./day.

Get quiet. Practice stillness and silence. Plug into Source. Open up to hear your inner guidance. It’s the most accurate advice you can ever take. Think you don’t know how to meditate? Try this.

2. Set your intention for the day.

What quality do you want to show up with today? (ex. grace, courage, joy, self-acceptance…)

3. Exercise!

Run, walk, yoga, weights, pilates…Get your motor running (minimum 30 minutes). Power up your endorphins. Train your body to recognize and imprint feeling good. It’s scientifically proven that activating your cardiovascular system immediately boosts your mood and encourages positive, empowered thoughts.

4. Gratitude.

First thing in the morning: Pray in gratitude for all your gifts. Be thankful for waking up with a healthy body and mind clear enough to do this exercise.

Last thing at night: review your day and list all the good things that happened. Build your gratitude muscle and train your mind to focus on the good. (Are you alive? Do you have clean water? Do you live in a peaceful land? Say a prayer of gratitude for the people who love you.)

5. Listen to uplifting, inspirational speakers.

Turn your commute or workout into a self-help session. (ex. Abraham Hicks, Ram Dass, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer) Choose nutritious brain food. Wisely choose what you fill your head with.

6. Drink a green vegetable juice.

You know the deal. Alkalizing your body boosts your mood, immune system and reduces inflammation. Only good can come from this!

7. Sit quietly in the sun for a few minutes.

Remember who you are. Bask in the miracle of it all. Ponder the meaning of life. Soak up Vitamin D (most of us are significantly deficient in Vitamin D).

8. Journal about your dreams, desires, the life you are creating. Think of journaling as turning on the faucet and letting your mind rinse out. Dump any thoughts. Stream of consciousness. I like to think of this as skimming the pond scum off the surface layer of your mind.

9. Play inspiring, uplifting music, sing along!, dance

Singing and dancing is one of the fastest ways to change your mood, open your heart and free your mind and body, a.k.a. ‘Bhakti Yoga’.

10. Reach out to a loved one or friend just to say ‘Hello’ or catch up. Life is short. People on their deathbed, almost universally, say they wish they had spent more time with their loved ones. In this technological revolution…nurture the power of personal connection and quality time with those that you love.

Please, let me know what works to lift you up every day in the comments below!


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