The Drape

At the end of class, after corpse pose there is this moment when you roll onto your side. Every time I instruct this it comes through as so much more than just the act of lying on your side, waiting to sit up.

It is a place to experience how powerful, complete, and unfathomably beautiful you are when you are not trying to be anything or anyone, a place where you drop everything – agendas, stories, beliefs, and simply let go. Drape. Allow yourself be held by Mama Earth.

Try it. When you roll to your side, first make the coziest shape possible. Infuse it with cozy. Then with one arm under your head, place your other hand on the earth. Recall now, what it is like when you touch someone (friend, lover, child) or something (animal, tree) that you love the most. Let it be the kind of touch where the intention is not to gain anything, just to share love; the kind of touch that brings out more of who you are; the kind of touch that is uninhibited by inner conflict, where all lines of communication are open.

This kind of touch is not purely giving or receiving, rather a merging of the two, a form of deep communion, communication, harmonization.

After steeping here in this memory, allow all sensations to filter through your experience. Bring attention to your entire body. Now call those qualities stirring in your hand into your entire body-mind. Drape on Mama Earth like you would drape on someone, or something you love the most, someone or something that brings out more of who you are, because when you are in their presence you are simply being. Natural. Organic. All armor, facades, and effort of any kind dropped, released, dissolved. You are like a sweet child waking up from a nap, agenda free, rational mind not yet engaged, day dreamy and enraptured by the magic of all of life’s possibility.

Remember, or imagine, that when your hand touches another organism there is a profound exchange so complex that your logical mind is not fully able to translate it.

Now embody this, sense it, imagine it. Experience this possibility with your entire body, draped here upon the earth, in communion, communication, merging and syncing back into harmony with her. Mother Earth. Receiving all of her healing power.

Practice this position every day. It rekindles a connection we long for so deeply, a connection that fills the voids, heals on the deepest levels, and revives our understanding of why she is called MOTHER Earth.
It is a soothing, grounding and humbling practice, this healing of our own body in harmony with the body of Mama Earth.

As you do this encourage yourself to continuously let go, and receive the beauty of your body-mind – how it buzzes with life. With playful light. Your being. Bathe in how powerful you are when you are not trying to be anything or any way. Just being. You. As gorgeous, complex, genius, wild, and beautiful as Mother Earth herself.

editor: Kirby Browne

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