Back in the Classroom of Life!

It is September and with the new month, brings the invitation to be back in “school”, back in the classroom of life! 

I am just back from a yoga retreat with some inspiring yogis and a group of amazing participants exploring what it means to live with confidence in our bodies. The demands of every day often compete with making time to pause and listen to our greatest teacher:  the breath, our body’s capacity to show up every day and provide a vessel, our connection to all living beings, the planet’s exquisite beauty. The wisdom, courage and willingness of my friends, new friends, and all of this magnificent sangha teach me to remember and come back to “beginner’s mind”.

So my personal exhilaration and motivation this time of year is to join the natural flow around us and gain excitement for what’s upcoming. My mat draws me with renewed zest to practice and learn and listen. Not so much getting into another new variation of a posture, but genuine curiosity. What can I learn from the broken, injured, tired and hurt places? Not just what can I do well, but what am I avoiding? 

What is it I need to learn today?

When my body is struggling, or stiff and sore, what is it I need to practice to listen better?

When I hang out with my four great-nieces, who are 2, 4 and 7, they move with amazing grace and fluidity. They want me to explore and play and move with them. They know when they are hungry, thirsty, tired, restless, energetic and full of joy. Indeed, they move with joy in every movement. Even the irritable/cranky times. When they laugh, they use their entire being.  Their bodies giggle head to toe!

So that is my dedication, to make joyful movement central to my practice. To allow joyful movement to be the medium for myself and my connections to others.

Come join me in seeking healing, recovery, and finding the way back to your body, with ease, and grace, with acceptance and joy.

Every body, everyone, has a body that breathes and shows up each day. What if we listen better, observe better, and learn more from the wisdom of acceptance?
The wisdom and the challenge is to quiet the chatter and distractions, and follow the breath, respect the body and draw a truce.  Wave the white flag of peace.

I accept and forgive myself.  For not knowing what I do not know. Until I learn it.

Much love and light,


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