Take Care of your OmKar

Hinduism is a system of belief and from the many excerpts we see in the Bhagavad Gita (which every yogi must read) there appears the word Omkara: meaning “the vehicle to cross the ocean of life.” 

Crossing this ocean is the journey that the mortal being must undertake in a lifetime and henceforth encounter the three basic elements of mortality – creation, preservation and destruction. 

Getting straight to the point, we must take care of our Omkar.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard your teacher tell you that asana is never about the pose itself, rather it’s about what you fill the pose with. Is there patience, is there curiosity, is there a balance between yin and yang, can you remain calm and composed during challenges and especially that moment when you’re about to react? These are questions we should be asking ourselves while we’re trying to hack the flow state.

So many of us associate yoga with physical postures, but in esence, yoga is a psychospiritual practice. It is a practice of softening the ego and reaching for our highest self. The more we get to practice this on the mat, the more we can take this off the mat and into our lives.

If we look back on the history of yoga, the practice was created with the intention to serve the energetic body, not the physical body as it is today. Serving our energetic body through meditation and rituals is a great way to regularly make sure our Omkar is running smoothly and doesn’t leave us stranded on our journey towards Samadhi.

When we lift the veil or illusion, we literally cleanse the lens. Yoga opens our eyes in new ways so that when we look at something we’ve been looking at for years, we subtly get to see and hopefully feel, something entirely different.

Did you know that there are three qualities of illusion (Maya)? They’re called the Gunas: Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. Our aim in our practice is to transcend all three and move beyond Maya. We move from tamas to rajas and finally into a sattvic state. It is in this state that we create the conditions for yoga to arise, which leads us to enlightenment.

I believe consciousness is a choice, either we want it, or we don’t. So ask yourself, what will you do today to take care of your Omkar?

From my heart to yours,


Photo Credit: Richard Rosario

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