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  • How do I register for oneOeight? +

    You can register for a free 10 days of oneOeight by visiting our Registration page or by using the links to Get Started throughout the site.

  • What are the optimal computer and bandwidth requirements for streaming the videos on ? +

    oneOeight is designed to work on all major and modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and above) on PC and Mac, as well as smartphones (iOS, Android) and tablets.

  • Can I view the videos on an iPad or iPhone? +

    oneOeight is specifically designed so that the videos can be viewed on Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad.

  • Who do I contact if I want to nominate a studio or instructor to become a oneOeight partner? +

    Please send nominations for studios or instructors t0

  • Kickstarter Backers Log In +

    If you are logging in for your 60 day free kickstarter trial, you will need to create a new account with You cannot log in with the your kickstarter username and password.

  • How do I cancel my account? +

    You can cancel your account by going to your profile page and clicking on ‘delete my account’. Cancellation does take place immediately so only do this if you are not planning on continuing use of the site.

    You may also request a pause of membership for trips or school through the help desk!

  • My account was cancelled but I did not cancel it! What happened? +

    This may have occurred because you were billed and the payment was unsuccessful. Please do review your payment settings with your card or PayPal and let us know so that we can re-activate your account!

  • Why is my account in ‘pending activation’ status? +

    Your account will be in pending status if you used Paypal, but didn’t complete the process. This may mean that there’s something that just wasn’t completed for some reason – there must be some kind of issue on your individual Paypal accounts that’s causing it – please try reviewing your paypal payment settings, subscription settings, etc.

  • Why can’t I register using PayPal? +

    You may not be able to register on the site using PayPal if your PayPal account is not connected to a credit card. This is due to the subscription settings.

    We are working on changing this soon!!

  • How come my friend cannot get their gift subscription activated? +

    This most likely occurs because the gift subscription in question was purchased with PayPal and the activation code will not properly connect. Please do reach out with the recipient and purchaser name so that we can get the gift account up and running for you!