When you hit your head on the pillow at night, who are you? How do your thoughts sound? How does your heart feel?

So often we rush through the day and have little time with ourselves. I had a moment the other day and this thought and feeling washed over me… it said… “I’ve missed myself.”

How many times have you uttered the words “I miss you”? Perhaps it was to your best friend or your lover or mother? We use this words to express our longing for that “others” companionship, energy, and company.

It’s not as often that we tap into that longing and desiring of our connection to self. Our longing to be and bask in the energy of our own presence.

Life gets busy. Our minds get busy. Our thoughts get busy.

Stillness is the answer to the business. Stillness is the answer to the confusion. Stillness becomes the balm to the aching in the dark moments.

And this isn’t just any kind of stillness. This is stillness with self. Stillness with your soul. Stillness and presence and time with you.

In dark moments we need more than anything the light of our soul to ignite hope, faith, and healing.

Our soul quite literally is the inner light for those dark times. Our soul is our compass to navigate our own emotional terrains and life’s tricky paths.

Take a moment to rejoice and bask in your own energy. Perhaps set up a date with yourself. Candles, music, and all.

Listen to the whispers of your heart. Tune into the desires that are bursting to be heard. As we tune inward, we begin to awaken a world of our deepest truths and callings. As we lean inward, that whisper turns louder and louder. It becomes easier to hear our truth.

December is a month where many feelings are triggered. On the east coast, it’s cold and a bit dreary. Family time is often difficult as well for many.

As Ram Das said “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

More than ever, it’s a perfect time. A soul invitation if you will, to spend time with you.

Take the time this month to cultivate intentional stillness and presence with you. Breathe deeper than you normally would. Add sacred to the mundane. Come back home to you. Rejoice, for you are alive and another day is given as a gift to grow, evolve and stretch. You are a miracle.

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