With the sun in Aries, those of us in the northern hemisphere are now in the season of spring. All mystical cultures saw the symbolism of the sun rising higher in the sky, days getting longer, nights getting short and the weather getting warmer as the rebirth of the sun.  There are many mythological stories of ‘sons of God’ dying and being reborn around the spring equinox- and this was an allegory of the sun and Source of Light in our galaxy coming back to life so-to-speak

The sun’s transit through Aries is a time to rebirth ourselves! Start something new! Initiate, activate, move in new directions. Of course, there is meaning behind spring and the sun in Aries that symbolizes this time each year- but there is also the current astrology for this particular season of spring 2018 that shows a deeper picture of what this particular spring is about.

This particular spring has been interesting because we have had Mercury retrograde (2 days after the sun entered Aries) and lots of Saturn squares which show a delayed kind of energy, a need to deal with the past before we can move forward. This has not been your typical spring!  It’s as if the rebirth we are so ready for can only happen with things from the past are dealt with, fully let go of and/or brought to completion.

This coming Sunday we have a new moon in Aries the same day that Mercury stations direct.  Honestly, this is the true astrological start to spring as we have a new moon- which is about new beginnings- in Aries, the sign of new beginnings and birth.  And we have mercury going direct which starts to end all the restriction, limitation, delays and dealing with the past that Mercury’s Underworld journey has been about.  Sunday is an EXCELLENT time to really set your intentions about what you are calling in in the next month, the next season and the next yearly cycle!  Be bold, be courageous, call in the Highest of which you want to envision yourself embodying and anchoring in the coming cycle.

Rebirth is a time to move into the new.  But remember that in order to rebirth something needs to have died.  Getting clear on what needs to be let go of- be it situations, people, relationships, attitudes, beliefs, etc…- is key right now.  The more baggage you can let go of the lighter you will be and the more capacity you will have to move forward and onward in life.

Blessings on all that you are being and becoming!

~harmony raye

(divine harmony)

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