Spring Into Wellness

Spring into wellness. Spring into the new you. It’s not cliché to begin again, to bloom again, to see things like the first time again. In fact, in Ayurveda, one of the reasons we insist on seasonal cleansing is to bring our awareness back to the new as we flush out the old. This is how life can recreate itself and evolve.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past. To let go of our grudges and our pains and old stale memories. Sometimes, we forget that we can bloom and blossom and become new again. We forget these things, even if the Springtime comes to remind us, sometimes we are so involved in being in the center of the storm that we forget to see the new buds and seeds sprouting within us. We are always blooming even if we forget to notice. We are always dying to the past and being birthed into the new. This is what the Spring is. It is the ability for life to ignite as it falls away from the past, from the dead, from the lifeless. Springtime is life in its birthing.  Aren’t we always in some way giving birth to something?  Our creativity, our ability to serve and invent, modify and execute or even to wonder and contemplate are all states of Spring.

I wonder what would happen if we understood that the seasons of our world are constantly happening within us all day long as we go about our day. We will have moments of the autumn as we let things go and retreat, and then we will move into celebration and relaxation as the summer moves us to dance, then we can conjure up new moments of being and experience as the spring swells in our hearts and minds and then all of a sudden there is the winter storm right in the middle of our conversations, stopping us in our tracks as we try to weather the storm and find shelter. The seasons are happening within us all day long every single day.

The Spring is a great reminder to know that we are seasonal and ever expanding and ever illuminating and ever-changing. The only way to stop life is to become stagnant. In stagnation, there is only decay and in decay, we can only end it all. All life, all inspiration, all creativity. Our nature moves us to create and dance and invent and discover. Stagnation is the antithesis of our being. When we feel stagnant it is a sure sign that we need to recalibrate.

At chandannilivercleanse.com we have a wonderful 14-day liver cleanse program that can thrust you into full blast springtime inspiration. New blooms, shedding of old skin. If you need more information about it I am happy to share with you.

I know that practice of good things cultivates greatness in all things great and small.

Move away from anything that brings about stagnations and move towards everything that ushers in you, life! Freshness. Spontaneity. Change. These are all ingredients of greatness.

Spring into wellness, for it is your birthright. You are that.

Om Tat Sat.



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