August 1 – August 27, 2019
Costa Rica

We have come full circle! With 9 full-length YTT’s under our belt, we are thrilled and excited to be returning home to our original Costa Rican Yoga Teacher Training, Jungle Magick!

Prepare to be wowed, transformed and completely in love with mama jungle and ocean. Our program has changed over the years but one thing that has stayed the same is our deep respect for Mother Nature, and our active participation in our own healing, with the use of her energy and wisdom as an ally. Her medicine and magick is unparalleled!

Costa Rica is a playground for doing deep shamanic healing work and she will not disappoint you! With the Infinite Source Yoga lifestyle and studies as the framework of this experience, you will go deep into your own self actualization and be guided on your journey to realize your goals.

Our healing location will lick your wounds and catapult you on your path. Expect activation, liberation & celebration on all levels of your being. We invite you to become a certified 200 hour yoga instructor with credentials from the famed Yoga Alliance, or move thru our Infinite Source Yoga school’s program with the intention of discovering where these new tools will take you. Your health and consciousness may radically change so please be prepared to enjoy your experience on planet earth more as you unlearn what limits you and awaken to your infinite grace. Join us.

  • Guide +

    Ashley Albrand

    Ashley Albrand

    Ashley Albrand aka OGyogini is the founder of school of consciousness, Infinite Source Yoga. Ashley empowers humans & helps facilitate the remembrance of our own divinity through her empathic intuitive channeling of the source energy. …

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  • Venue +

    Infinite Source Yoga Training Center

    Accommodations in our simple and cozy jungle chalets are glamping magic! Each guest will have their own twin bed with mosquito netting. Bathroom (shower, sink, and toilet) in each chalet. Located only 150 meters from the beach. Wake surrounded by monkey families & toucans. Enjoy the lush views and sounds of the jungle as you stroll to yoga at the castle, or down to the beach!                                    

  • Itinerary +

    This is a 27-day comprehensive 200 hour Yoga Alliance-certified training in the jungle, on the beach!

    You will train to become an Infinite Source Yoga instructor and if that is not your desire you will blast off into activated status. Heal from dis-ease. Heal from mental programming. Unwind from years of stress. Truth consciousness is simple when we return to the church of MOTHER EARTH. We love this training because its a full zodiac cycle and an opportunity to really go deep with a group and transform your cellular body. Our location is wifi free and your brain gets a major re-acclimation to its original state. Our bodies decompress and relax deeply. Nite activities include moon-gazing, astrology, and myofascial release.

    If teaching yoga is your journey you will teach for 6 months to one year post-training, writing to me directly about each experience. Certification is not guaranteed but likely if you complete the training and the post training assignment. Guaranteed is certification of completion but you have to actually care and be invested in spreading the messages of Pachamama to become an ISY instructor. We will have assistants from our previous trainings helping us here!

    After completion of the post training assignment you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour RYT if that is your desire.

    This training includes a 7-day raw cleanse.

    Meals are included in this price. The food will be healthy and mostly raw with a few cooked protein options. You will learn how to feed yourself for an activated life. Most trainees gain a glowing aura from the food and jungle activation. FOOD IS LIFE and we MUST HARNESS THIS POWER and understand the truth of our digestive OJAS! This experience will be like a reset button for your entire body, mind and spirit.