The Shifts That Lift List

Life is not all darkness or all light, it is a dance of both. My journey has been learning to navigate the darkness and the light. During some points of my life, it was as if I swam in the darkness. I added to the darkness. I poured liquor, disconnected sex, and shady ways to make money on the darkness.

The darkness grew too big and then it was the perfect excuse to stay doing the same ol shit and getting the same ol shit.

I felt defeated and discontent. I worked hard to get out of that cycle of self-destruction. I fought with every part of my body to get help. Healing is a warrior’s game.

I came to realize that there were things that lit up my soul and there were things that dampened the light on my soul. I started to bring consciousness to what things lifted me and what things brought me down.

As I started to realize this, I started to slowly (very slowly) make shifts. One shift at a time into what lifted my spirit and brought more light. As the light grew with my empowered choices, I felt more freedom, I felt more hope, I felt more inspired.

I made a list

SHIFTS THAT BRINGS ME UP (including dope people)

SHIFTS THAT BRINGS ME DOWN (including less than dope people)

I got to see on paper what really made me happy and what really brought drama. This helped me by leaps and bounds.

What’s on your list? Let’s fill it out now. Let’s bring consciousness to what lights up your soul and what puts out the light in your soul. Share what you feel comfortable sharing in the comments below! I would love to see them and support you on this!

Here’s to shifts in choosing the light day by day in one small way. It all adds up!

Love you all.




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