Sacred Territory: The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

No matter what we are forced to endure, we must find a way to love ourselves through it. We must find a way to save our own humanity from the wreckage of it. No matter the weight of the burden placed upon us mentally, emotionally, physically, economically and environmentally, we must find a way to connect to what keeps us afloat spiritually.

Suffering isn’t handed out equally among us. The great injustice of life is that we must live it from where we are at. We don’t get a gold medal for enduring our lot. All we get is a chance at life.

We know that justice isn’t always served. There isn’t always a happy ending. There isn’t always a nicely wrapped moral that we can glean from our story. Oprah can’t make a SuperSoul Sunday special out of each of our tales.

Colonizers, captors and con-men of all kinds have and will continue to die rich and revered for some time. We have all had to sing their praises standing at the steps of their churches. We have all had to build a home under their flags. We have grown up indoctrinated with an account of their triumphs with no space for the weight of their mistakes.

Our world is wounded, fractured, broken and burning. We are products of this place and it is our job to heal the world through the healing of ourselves. Sometimes this feels like an endless endeavor. Sometimes it feels too much to bear.
And yet, the wounds we circle around are, in their way, sacred territory. Sacred because they touch the core of our lives. They are ours. They are part of our journey. They are part of the great love story that is our experience here on earth.

We are not our suffering, but what we suffer with informs our ability to hold our lives with great tenderness, in all its edges and complexity. We are not what we have suffered through, but by living with it, we are changed.

We desecrate our soul when we refuse this right of passage. We forsake our own growth when we abandon ourselves along the road that pain paves through our lives. We turn our lives into wastelands when we fake our way through life’s lessons. We serve the gods of greed when we renounce the richness of our inner life for physical comforts or worldly power.

The lunar eclipse in Pisces will arrive on Friday, September 16th at 12:05 PM PT. Eclipses tend to bring times of great transition, great intensity and, in this case, great healing opportunities. Pisces feels everything. Pisces yearns to extend itself to every suffering soul under the sun.

The full moon sits with Chiron, the Wounded Healer and is in a square to Mars, the planet that has an uncanny ability to reopen any wounds it comes into contact with
Chiron knows that not every wound gets healed. Chiron is a teacher and healer who suffers greatly in his own myth. In the end only the gift of mortality and, by way of it, death can release him of his pain. Chiron’s gift to us is one of acceptance. Acceptance of our humanity. Acceptance of our limitations. Acceptance that none of us get out of this world unwounded.

Pisces teaches us that we are not meant to end our investigation with our wounds alone. Pisces is the sign of compassionate awareness, unity, kindness and is the sign most likely to reach out in order to tend to the hurts harbored by its fellow hearts.
The sorrows that we know nothing of are ours to learn about. Ours to awaken to. Ours to listen to. Our call to answer. The song of the mourner is our invitation to turn our ears and tune our hearts to the great spiritual call of life: being of service to one another.

In the end, we regret nothing but the kindness we have kept from others. To extend ourselves in love and kinship to each other is to reach towards divinity.

May we learn to give of ourselves and have no regrets.

Eclipse blessings,


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