Releasing To Expand

I find that right before an expansion in my life there is often a big contraction. Right before I can call in the new I have to clear out and release the past. In the lunar cycle, the dark of the moon is the best time to clean out- emotionally, literally, psychologically and more.  It’s the best time for a cleanse, a colonic and a purge.  The dark of the moon is a very inward time- best honored with downtime to reflect, introspect, sleep more and dream.  Of course in our busy society, we don’t really honor that as productivity is the focus. Yet external focused yang energy must be balanced with internally focused yin energy- otherwise, we are living an imbalanced life.

I am personally in a huge cycle of endings and new beginnings.  My whole house is in storage and I am in the Celtic lands of England, Ireland and Scotland for 3 months.  I am on a spiritual pilgrimage visiting sacred sites and balancing that with a very full work schedule, motherhood and normal life.  I am not on vacation really- I have basically relocated my life (for the time being) to live in Avalon (Glastonbury England) and in July I will be in Ireland and Scotland.

I think it’s key to realize that if we want an expansion we must make peace with the contraction.  Just like birthing a baby- right before the baby’s head crowns the most intense contractions precede this!  Anything new want to birth in the world takes labor pains.  I have a VERY LOUD inner voice that always makes it very clear to me when it’s time to move on, let go, release, and follow my intuition.  Historically I have packed up flown to India for 6 months (in my 20’s) and looked around a house I am living in realizing I am done with living there and within a month was off to Sedona finding a new home.  This gypsy spirit has been amazing but lets me tell you living that gypsy way as a mother where I am balancing being deeply grounded for her while still staying open to inspiration and inner calls is quite the journey!

In June we are in the last part of spring- just about to cross into the summer with the summer solstice on June 21st.  This is an amazing time to take stock of what you want to fully realize, fully bring in and embody.  In the solar mysteries of the sun- summer solstice is the pinnacle of Light symbolizing realization and enlightenment.  But guess what?  It does not stop there!  After we realize the fullness of something we have to come back down, embody it and anchor it into the 3d reality.  solstice literally means sun-stands-still- so from June 21st to 24th it is good for us to all take a pause and turn within.  The cycle is ever moving, ever-changing. Our capacity to be present to it all is the journey of life 🙂

New moon and soon to be summer solstice blessings sent your way!

~Harmony Raye

(divine harmony)

p.s.  the picture is of me at merlin’s cave beach in Tintagel, England during the dark of the moon June 11th, 2018!   a very sacred, spiritual place I highly recommend you visit 🙂

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