When we make the darkness conscious, we are reborn.

Such a simple fact, yet one of the hardest things to do in life.

I like to describe the natural vibration of life-energy or life-force as “wholeness.” And wholeness means “that which encompasses all.” When you integrate your dark and light nature, you will always sense wholeness. If you either go too dark, or too light, you lose touch with this vibe of wholeness and start vibrating in an unstable mode. I personally find that my most profound experiences of rebirth comes through each difficulty, and each suffering. It is the pain that we transform that becomes the catalyst towards the light.

Your rebirth could be forgiving someone to set yourself free, or a call to that person who needs an overdue apology. Maybe it could be taking a few more minutes in fetal position to energetically feel this rebirth before you end your yoga practice.


Here is a beautiful exercise you can do to welcome the light.

What you’ll need:

An envelope, a stamp, paper, pen, a candle, a crystal that resonates with you, your voice and an open heart.

Write a letter to yourself from yourself.

Write about your dreams and aspirations. Things that you think about that make you come to life. Your bucket list travels, that thing you’ve been wanting to do for such a long time but never had the time. If you had no fear, what would you do, what would you say, where would you go?

Here is an example:

Dear Bee,

You’ve spent the majority of the winter creating, manifesting and hibernating. Now is your time to take these ideas and let them unfold organically to not only support yourself, but those who need you. You know that your best quality is to serve, and through giving, you are always getting something back in return. Remember to not sell yourself short and know your worth. Say yes more often to opportunites that excite your spirit. Say no more often to situations that no longer serve you. If you could take one thing with you towards the light, what would that be? And if you could leave one thing behind to the darkness, what would that be?

Remember that you are fully supported, fully loved and fully understood. Follow the light girl, it will lead you to your greatest transformation.



Place the letter in an envelope, write your own mailing address, seal it up and stamp it.


Hold your crystal in your hand (left hand for ladies, right hand for gents).

End with these three invocations:

  • Spirit of mine, please grant me the ability to embrace my dark side, to serve my highest good. Right now, thank you.
  • Spirit of mine, please grant me the ability to embrace my light side, to serve my highest good. Right now, thank you.
  • Spirit of mine, please grant me the ability to always live from my center, to serve my highest good. Right now, thank you.Blow your candle. Take 5 minutes in meditation to recognize and celebrate what you just did. The next time you’re out, post your letter away. The point of this exercise is to bring you back to you. Whatever you give away, will always come back. Trust it !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If you’re in the Los Angeles area, join Bee for her signature Heal Yourself workshop on Saturday April 9th 3-5pm at Red Diamond Yoga. More details at

Photo by Richard Rosario Photography

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