Open Your Heart to Love with Yin

At the heart of Yin Yoga, there is love and kindness. I can’t think of a better way to open up to the possibilities of love but with long, deep Yin Yoga holds. When we open our chest physically, gently stretching the tissues across our chests, we allow ourselves to open up to all that love has to offer us.

So many of us experience a tightness across the front of our shoulders and chest because of the hours we spend hunched over at our desks in front of our computers or looking down at our phones on and off all day long. When we spend some time in a counter position (a chest opener), we slowly stretch the tissues along the chest and you will notice how this makes you feel emotionally. You may feel loved or loving. You may feel full of gratitude or more compassionate. You may want to spend time with your community. You have to try it to experience it! Simply notice how you feel but do not react…just observe. This is yoga after all and to practice yoga is to pay attention without attachment.

Most Yin postures work to open the hips and back, but here are a few sweet Yin poses that allow us to open our heart space. Move slowly into your poses and take your time to go deeper. Taking our time in our Yin poses is what makes Yin so lovely. Enjoy the process.

Open your heart and open up to the possibilities of love.
After all, love is all we have.

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