Ramesh Tarun Narine

My Grandmothers Dahl Recipe

38 min
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Ramesh Tarun Narine

My Grandmothers Dahl Recipe38 min

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The women of my family love time spent the in the kitchen. Since I was little, I have wanted to help, so I learned along the way. Fond memories for both of my grandmothers inspired me to share something dear to my heart. Nourish with this caring and true meal.


Makes 6-8 servings

-Spices mixed and set aside:
Teaspoon Tumeric
Teaspoon Ground Cumin
.5 Teaspoon Cayenne
.5 Teaspoon Black Pepper
.5/1 Teaspoon salt, to taste. Easier to add than…
-2 Tablespoon Ghee ( My Mom uses Canola oil)
-Chop one Medium Onion 4 Pieces Garlic strained. Optional
-1 Bunch Kale or Spinach. Optional. Chopped.
-3/4 cup Yellow Split Pea Rinsed. I like to soak them overnight to off gas. Depending on your constitution, add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to aid.
-6 + cups of water. I usually add extra to begin as it takes a while to soften the lentils, and the heat boils it down.

Keep a kettle warm to maintain temperature.
Fry the onions in a large pot with the Ghee until translucent. Add Garlic optionally. Keep a little garlic back for additional step later, should you like.
Add spices to onion mixture.
Cook until mixture begins to sweeten. Gauge by scent or by taste. May add small amounts of water to support this.
Add Lentils to mixture. Mix, frying together.
Add majority of water and bring to boil.
Reduce heat, allowing a slow rolling boil to continue. It’s anywhere from 45 mins to 75 mins + at this point on. Depends on the amount of water the Lentils require to absorb.

Stir intermittently, to keep from sticking at bottom of pot. Keep the kettle near by should you need extra water.

As it presents that the lentils are softened, I’ll add the chopped kale, so this requires a taller pot. Allow the heat of the pot to cook the kale. At this point, I usually consider I’m within 15 mins of removing the heat. As it wraps up, should I prefer a chunkier version, I’ll leave it alone. Using a hand motorized whip makes everything very fine and I like that.

Optional Additional step-

1 Teaspoon of Cumin Seeds
1 Tablespoon Ghee ( My Mom uses Canola oil)
Small amount of crushed garlic.

Warm oil in small skillet. Fry seeds til browning. Add Garlic for a flash (cooks quick) and then bring to larger mixture. My mom has a deft hand and manages this bit cleanly. Myself, less so. Pour the mix into larger pot. Wash the skillet with Dhal to get all the good stuff. Just scoop a little and rinse the pan. I have showered the counter with gold by not being mindful here… Forewarned.


Rosemary is a very luxe touch. As is White truffle oil. But hey. I’m worth it. I think you could be too. Let me know how your trials go.

The beauty of Indian cuisine is the variance. My preference is not using devices to measure, just eyeing it up. Practice helps.

N.B. My mom uses a pressure cooker. She just dumps all these items together in a large pot and lets it take care of itself. Do that, if you have the equipment. It’s easier by half, at least.

Ramesh Tarun Narine

Ramesh Tarun Narine

At the early age of five, Ramesh recalls moments spent seated at the foot of his father’s mother. Learning mantra from her was the seed that, rooted in the practice of presence, grew into his connection to spirit. Since that …

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