Materialistic Enema…A Spiritual Cleansing

My first and only blog post comes as I am about to hit the road… yet again. I can’t count anymore. Starting to feel like my man Keef.

When I was in college.. at good ole UCLA, back in the day, I got evicted. I really did want to hold out till sheriff John Brown came to shoot me down, but I packed up my Toyota pickup and hightailed it out of there. Within a day or so, my truck was broken into and all my stuff was stolen deep in the heart of the Westwood student ghetto. What’s a po’boy supposed to do?

Well I was happy. I was free. and I was homeless.. y’know sleeping on your pot dealer’s floor homeless, but still.

One day, while I was meandering thru the alley, taking the short cut home, I happened upon a treasure trove of someone’s wardrobe splashed across the pavement. NO way.. free stuff. I quickly snatched up anything that looked like I could fit into and blew back into headquarters.. the crash pad. I had an armful of random clothes, and my “roommates” looked astonished.. “Where’d ya find that stuff”

“I don’t know but, this pair looks like it fits..” The ringleader of the drop-outs Brad yelled, “Whoa, that’s a pair of Girbaud Jeans. I modeled that brand down the runway at the Mall of America.. totally totally!! ‘

So that summer of ’94 I basically ran with 3 items of clothing. My Girbaud jeans found in the alley, a white v-neck t’shirt, and a black jean jacket I got in a swap meet in Hollywood. To complete the outfit, I got an African necklace that a homeless guy on Venice Beach found on the street. It worked and it was complete.

Needless to say, it was the happiest summer of my life. When I got evicted, then had my stuff stolen, the fearing side of me thought that so much was lost. But when I let the shit go.. everything else flowed.

Maybe that’s the idea of the sadhu. Giving up all material possessions to focus on the pursuit of God. Stuff can just cloud the mind and your intentions. If you have less, or forced to, you can focus on what is important.

Travel light. Take only what you need. Move onto the important stuff. If you can’t figure out what that is, streamline your life. It could be a start.

And BTW, I am driving to the South of France, just like Keef and The Stones did when they got exiled… The rest is history.

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