Letting Go

I’ve learned a lot about letting go in my life and I continue to every day.

This lesson of letting go isn’t for the faint of heart. There is a saying that is popular in 12-Step rooms that says “Don’t rest on your will.” And the question “Where is God in that?” Meaning, how often do you go through problems and rely on your mind and your will to solve it?

Usually, our crazy minds can’t figure things out. Usually, we must surrender it all for the universe to come in with a higher thought, a subtle nudge, and a soul whisper to get you into a better more empowered perspective.

To let go often feels like we are dying. We struggle to let go of obsessive thoughts, of relationships that no longer serve us, habits that don’t uplift us, behaviors that bring us down. Worst of all, is our addiction to not letting go of control. We believe that if we grasp for people, places and things that nothing will happen to hurt us. This is insanity. Life happens on life’s terms and the more we let go and allow and trust ourselves to rise and face life on life’s terms, the more peace we will have.

What behavior do you need to let go off?

What habit do you want to release?

What relationship or fantasy of a relationship can you surrender? 

Can you put your will to the side for today and allow the universe, God, divine light to do it’s thing instead?

Let’s pray together for surrender.

Universe, I place my worries, my thoughts, my behaviors in your hands. I surrender it all… knowing that this way is no longer working for me. I place it all in your hands knowing that I am exhausted from controlling and trying to figure it out. I place it all in your hands. I rest at ease and ask instead for the guidance to guide me to peace. I surrender my will and allow you to guide me. Fill me with surrender. Fill me with peace. I let it all go. Inhale. Exhale. Release.

And so it is amen.

Write in the comments below what you are letting go of!

Big love,


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