Letting Go After Loss with Yin Yoga

I think we can all agree that there is a lot of uncertainty right now. Not only uncertainty but fear, frustration and grief. It is certainly good to grieve, cry or just be really pissed off. We have to!

After the election results, I taught a Yin class I will never forget. It was a packed class, mat to mat. Students were crying, sobbing, sniffing, and holding hands during the whole class. We were grieving and many folks still are.

When we are ready to heal our loyal mats are always there, just waiting for us to arrive.
Yin Yoga is a practice of letting go…of surrender. In a Yin pose, we use patience to slowly sink deeper allowing tension in the physical body to drip away. As tension falls away, so do the things that we hold on to that we no longer need. If you are ready to let go of grief, Yin is the perfect practice for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that we hold grief in the lungs. We can use specific Yin Yoga poses to stimulate the lung and large intestine meridian lines to assist in the letting go of our grief. Here are three poses that help to stimulate the lung/large intestine meridians and the energetic system of the body. Hold for anywhere from 3-6+ minutes each.

Melting Heart
Childs Pose with a twist

May all beings everywhere know peace and love.

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