Let Go and Let In

Those 5 words trickle in often for me as of late. I feel as though my life is in one big transition right now. It’s funny to think of it in terms as though transitions only happen behind us. They’re actually always in motion, because the truth, our truths are always changing. I suppose what I am trying to write is that this transition of mine is in the current. It has been adrift for some time. It is not easy for me to express, so I’ll list a few transitions (making lists gives me certainty, in other words brings me ease):

A year ago, I got engaged. Which is amazing and makes me gasp all at once!

I am now a mama to a school-aged child (first-grader).

I’ve doubled my local teaching schedule and may be tripling.

My yoga practice is evolving, my influence/teachers have changed.

Hence, with my practice evolving, so is my teaching.

What is beautiful and wonderful is that I have been working towards all those big transitions. One has come at a surprise, proposal. One has come naturally through time, raising a human. The yoga practice and teaching have come via heart-strings, redirection through experiences and people, and genuine curiosity. There’s that phrase: be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it. I suppose life right now feels just like that. It’s a rather abundant set of gifts that seem to plop themselves on my lap at the same time. And for me, a creature of habit and oh so slow to change, it feels like everything is set to juggle and the to-dos are spinning.

As I type, I am literally in the practice of letting go and letting in. What can I let go of in a situation or experience and what I may let in as a result. Here are my examples:


Getting engaged.

I am letting go of the need to get married and be on pressure point to do it “like everyone else.”

I am letting in the experience of marrying the man that lights up my life.


Being a mama to a first-grader.

I am letting go of the need to helicopter so damn much.

I am letting in the trust of others that will nurture him and help him outside of my own love and care (writing this made me cry).


Teaching schedule aplenty.

I am letting go of needing to say yes to every opportunity in order to “get out there and teach as much as possible.”

I am letting in time for recovery and self-care so I may be of service to others.


Yoga practice and teaching evolutions:

I am letting go of trying to be a people pleaser and lessening myself for others.

I am letting in wonderment and curiosity. Practicing and teaching what lights me up! And being a student in my new TT next Spring.

After typing, I have read each statement with some clarity. My shoulders have relaxed a bit. I have been thinking these thoughts for some time, yet somehow, writing them down and seeing them on screen has allowed me to breathe. It’s as though I am able to breathe around these points of conjunctions. Writing often triggers such releases for me. As does my yoga practice. The body knows. Like breath: Every inhale takes in exactly what the body needs and every exhale releases what is unnecessary. We are intelligent creatures.

In your life, can you think and express what you may let go and let in? I’d love to read and support you and your life. Maybe we can help each other by simply breathing in and expelling out with and for each other.

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