Soul Good: My journey to wholeness

I ran for years… from myself.

It was a scary place to be, in me.

You see, I had been scared while being in me. I had been violated while being in me. I had been screamed at and called names while being in me.

So naturally, my mind thought, then just escape you.

My soul left. I was an empty, broken, and shattered vessel.

Flesh was on my bones so I passed as human, but I assure you.  I was dead.

So dead. SOUL dead

I ran and ran until I exhausted myself and fell onto the ground.

I was like shattered glass in a million pieces on a bloody concrete floor.

I caught a glimpse of myself as I hit rock bottom, in a small shard of the glass on that cold ground.

I saw nothing in my eyes

And I didn’t recognize myself.

I was scared.

And something in me woke up.

It said “you need help. This isn’t the way. There is a better way.” And so I did.

One step at a time, I made my way back to me.

I choose the people and thoughts and activities that make my body feel safe and good today.

I didn’t have that choice as a child. But now as a woman, I do.

I get to create the life I always wanted, one day at a time.

I am HOME in myself

I came back to me and that feels so good.

Soul good.

I would love to hear from you all! Poetry, thoughts, anything that you feel like sharing about your “no mud, no lotus” journey!



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