International No Diet Day

May 6th, 2018. The calendar tells us it is almost summer, almost halfway through the year, and several months past all those intentions and New Year’s Resolutions to diet and exercise away the holiday “guilty pleasures”.   

Don’t  “Die-t”;  “Live-it!”

I invite you to use this day to pause and recognize your body is beautiful, and enough, at this very moment.  No more pressure to do more, eat some different extreme way or overexert. Instead:

Listen and breathe.  Really listen to your wants and needs.   What do you really love?

Watch and notice the springtime and how nature embraces the changing of seasons. How do you embrace the coming season?

Ask yourself what would truly bring you a sense of satisfaction and engagement?  What do you genuinely enjoy and look forward to?  Not just for the goal of weight loss, but for the meaning and comfort for days/months/years to come?

Everything changes.  And so do we.  So do our bodies, our tastes, our pleasures, and our pain.

How about promising yourself a break from the pressures to do more (or less, depending).

Take your gaze to the horizon and open yourself to the curiosity of what the coming months will bring.

How does one celebrate NO DIET DAY?

Shift your focus from weight, shape, diet, exercise, or longing for unrealistic or unsustainable goals.

What gives you peace and joy?   Going outdoors and taking a walk, noticing the blossoms that are moving from buds to blooms?   Setting up plans for summer travels, or trying something new?  Calling a friend to catch up. Writing in your journal.  Read a new book.  Binge watch Netflix. Listen and dance to your favorite tunes.

Take yourself to a new destination and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. 

Last evening we went for a sunset stroll through the neighborhood.   A woosh of wings and the soft air moved just in front of my face as the darkness was setting in.  I looked at the silhouette in the tree to my right and realized a huge owl had flown across my path and settled on a branch a few feet away.

Staring at this owl in the night, wondering what it thought of me staring into its huge eyes and square head.  I stopped and watched.  We were suspended in this momentary pause.  Was it just a minute or an hour?  Not really sure.

Then the owl flew inches in front of me and on down the road.

It was a magical moment.  We walked the rest of the way home pretty much in silence, listening to the crickets and birds and breeze.  And to our breaths.

Something magical occurred in those moments of repose.

So please, today marks a moment to reflect and accept your deeper inner strengths and wisdom.  Love your body, as it is.  Love what it does in serving your life.  Love that you are able to take another breath.  Watch the birds, flowers, butterflies, and lizards busily coming into action as we move forward.

Much love and light,   Karen

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