Inner Visions: Full Moon in Aquarius

We are made of energy. Pure vibration. Humming along with every other force of energy in the universe. Mixing, merging, creating more. We are here to share our energy. To see what it does when we use it wisely and insightfully. To see what it inspires more of.

We are meant to let this energy run through us. Freely. Opening the flood gates of our energetic reserves with a great generosity. Cleansing us as it does. Creating more space to see by. Clearing away the debris that collects when we stay too constricted within the self.

We might even feel purified when we step out of the way, letting universal intelligence flow through us. Our psychic windshields wiped clean. Clear-sighted and maybe even clear-minded for a moment.

We are meant to find our way out of the narrow places that small, petty thinking perpetuates by gathering the data and the evidence that we need to think in critical and creative ways. We are meant to intuit what we could be beyond the boundaries that keep us caged and to find a way to transcend them. We are meant to venture beyond the bounds of a scarcity, using our minds to expand our world.

We are energy. Experiencing ourselves through the physical forms that we have been given. Sometimes believing that we stop where the body does.

But we go beyond.

When we remember to open our minds to that fact we give ourselves the chance to tune into something else at play. And we need that reminder. Life is hard. Life is fast. Life is relentless. It makes no efforts to accommodate us. But life is also a group experience and we are all here to pour forth the energy that we have into the great cauldron of our collective concoction.

This elixir needs the waters that we carry.

This month’s full moon arrives on August 18th at 2:26 AM PT at 25+ degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius, the Water Bearer is an air sign known for its intellectual insights and astounding intelligence. The waters that Aquarius pours forth to humanity are those of insight, energy and creative intelligence. These waters are given without expectation of anything in return. Aquarius takes its energetic reserves and brings them forward to share with all of life.

Not known for being an outwardly emotional sign, Aquarius cares deeply about equality and humanitarian causes. A sign known for its astute and searingly honest insights, Aquarius wants to understand how systems work and how to make them work as efficiently as possible. Aquarius doesn’t rely on the thinking of the group to form its opinion. It is able to do that through the gathering, weighing and understanding of all the evidence it can acquire. Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed signs hold the center. They are sturdy. They are solid. Aquarius is sturdy, solid and confident in its visions.

Aquarius is the Seer of the zodiac. This full moon is reminding us to take those visions to heart.

This full moon is sitting in a sextile to Uranus, the planet that awakens us, sends lightening bolts of insight to us and can sharpen our perception by disrupting our illusions with the truth. A sextile is subtle and supportive. Through this sextile the moon is transmitting the energies of rebellion, revolution and breaking free in a way that appears more seamless and less chaotic than this planet usually is. It could be a moon that helps us to break up or chip away at the psychic calcium that collects when we become overly rigid or unwilling to allow life to live itself through us.

Give way to what is coming through you.

Conjunct this full moon is the asteroid named after Pallas Athene, the warrior goddess of wisdom. Pallas Athene speaks to the ability to heal ourselves through our creative visions. Connected to this full moon as a warrior and protectress, she teaches us about the importance of doing battle as a form of care, outsmarting our opponents and remembering that our ability to see clearly is a great weapon for us to use. As a symbol of intellectual creativity, she reminds us that it takes great courage to follow the visions that we receive, especially when they lie outside of the realms of what tradition dictates. 

Like all myths, Pallas Athene’s is a complicated one. It ties in themes of matriarchal wisdom being subsumed by patriarchal power and what it means to try and win as a woman within the terms and conditions of a system that sees you or any representation of you as inferior. We have been able to see these pyrrhic victories being played out in a multitude of ways for many female athletes during the Olympics. We might win a competition, but are we seen as true competitors?

We must see ourselves as we truly are, regardless of how others do.

This is a full moon that some sources list as an eclipse. No shadow will be cast over the moon and therefore it won’t visually look like an eclipse, though it’s close to one. When this happens we know that eclipses are around the corner. With two occurring in September, this full moon seems to be preparing us.   

By pouring forth the energy we have, we can clear space within ourselves for what is to come.

Full moon blessings,


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