How to Deal with Major Life Changes

Whether it is an unexpected new job offer, an unanticipated breakup, or series of unforeseen events, change does not always happen as gradually as we would like. When we don’t know whether it’s going to be the right kind of change for our lives, our minds can fill with resistance and stress, and our physical bodies can follow suit. Despite the tension that may emerge within us, change can also be a powerful turning point in our lives. Change can lead us towards bigger opportunities and the chance to stand up in courage to our deepest fears while shining a light on our deepest desires. Even when change feels like adversity, trust that the universe is working for you and not against you. Use the four strategies below to help you navigate change and overcome your fears of the unexpected.

1.  Give Yourself Permission to Be Vulnerable

It’s okay to be emotional. If the change includes an unpleasant event, give yourself permission to grieve and ride whatever waves of emotion surface. Blocking feelings from emerging creates a pressure cooker of internal conflict. When major changes occur, ask yourself how you are feeling, and write those words down. Becoming aware of your feelings are keys that will allow you to unlock resiliency and access your strength and deepest healing.

2.  Accept and Let Go

If a door closes, it wasn’t your door. Change might not feel fair in the moment, but trying to force your way through a door that was never meant for you, only leads to greater frustration. Once you’ve allowed your emotions room to breathe, accept the situation for what it is and move forward. One of my friends loves to say: “rejection is universal protection.” Adopt this mantra to help you accept and let go.

3.  You Are Not Alone

Know that you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to seek and ask for help, and be specific as possible about how your friends and loved ones can support you. If your friends or family don’t understand what you are going through, find a therapist, life coach, mentor, or support group to hold safe space for you. Know that you are supported, wherever you go.

4.  It’s Okay to Start Over

When things don’t go the way we plan, we can feel confused or unworthy. Change is a potent time for self-reflection and an opportunity to re-evaluate what is most important to you in your life. It can be a time to start over, to explore a new atmosphere, explore different jobs, research different paths, find different places to go, and create a new bucket list of all of the things you’ve been wanting to do. I’ve started over so many times in my life and each time it has pushed me further on the path of my soul’s purpose. Remind yourself that change is a necessary part of your life’s journey, bringing you closer to where you need to be. Think of change as a chance for your greatest metamorphosis, then spread your wings and fly.

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