Honoring Our Ancestors: New Moon in Scorpio

We were made for this.

Born for this.

Forged in the fires of all our ancestors’ offerings. Of their triumphs. Of their hopes, dreams, sacrifices, blessings and prayers.

We carry the burden of their suffering. Of their mistakes. Of their ignorance, abuses, betrayals and all the right and wrong battles they waged.

And won.

And lost.

We are the sum total of what they shied away from, what they stepped up to, what they were manipulated by, what they were defeated by, what they were too broken to do.

We are the compilation of the ways they were treated by the powers that be. The ways they benefited from the suffering of others. The way they suffered so that others could benefit. We are the result of the political struggles they struggled with. The land that was stolen from them or the land that they stole.

Or both.

Most of us come from deeply complex ancestry. We come from genocides and holocausts. From perpetrators and victims. From those that were enslaved or those that enslaved. From the wreckage of colonization or from the colonizers that caused the wreckage.

Or both.

Whatever we come from it comes down to this: it’s our job to make right what we can. It’s our job to make right what they did wrong. It’s our job to give back what they stole. To take back what was stolen. It’s our job to clear the name that we have been given. It’s our job to heal the hurt passed to us. It’s our job to highlight their honorable plights. It’s our job to carry forth their spirit of resilience. It’s our job to know what they sacrificed so that we could have the freedoms that we do. It’s our job to know what to carry forth in their name.

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on Sunday, October 30th at 10:38 AM PT. Scorpio is a water sign whose deep reserves of emotional energy are magnetic, powerful and unafraid of dealing with the realities of life, death and the painful process of rebirth. This year’s new moon in Scorpio falls in line and in time for many of the festivals that remind us to honor our ancestors. The veils between the worlds are said to be the thinnest now, making contact with those that we have lost easier. This is the time of the last harvest. The witches’ new year. A celebration that helps us to make sense of the ceaseless turning of time. A time of chaos and creativity. A time that invites the dead to the living world and a time that invites the living world to remember the dead.

This new moon is ruled by Mars. Mars currently sits in Capricorn with the asteroid Lilith, having just finished a conjunction with Pluto and a square to Uranus. Tying together the now fading Uranus/Pluto square, an astrological signature that brought many movements of uprising and rebellion, Mars has stirred the cauldron and woken the beast that is our burden to contend with: fighting against big forces for our freedoms.

This new moon is making a trine to Neptune, the planet associated with the oceans and waters of the world, in the ever-fluid water sign of Pisces. This aspect encourages us to find the common bond between us, the spiritual connection to all things and to remember that water is life.

When we know that death will come, we know that we have a tremendous amount to get done. Each day is sacred, connected to what came before it. Each moment is an opportunity to gather our courage and find a way forward in honor of all that was given to us. Each day must be spent ensuring that all that is against life is resisted and countered with mindful, creative, generative and determined responses.

We are here for this.

We have everything we need for this.

We were made for this.

New moon blessings,


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