How to Heal with Your Soul in Charge

Have you ever felt stuck? Bleh? Confused?

If we get real, most of us, and I dare say all of us, have felt those feelings many times during our lives. I know I have, and my clients and friends have too. Because we are meant to grow, learn, and be confused during times of deep change. It is part of the human experience.

Confusion and feeling stuck, in particular, are some of the most difficult feelings to sit with and nurture.

It feels harsh on the body. It feels foggy in the mind. It feels heavy and you feel lost. It’s almost as if you don’t remember who you are in those moments and it’s painful to feel that way.

One of the things that comforts me in these moments is that EVERYONE goes through these challenging emotions. And some of us have some pretty common familiar feelings that come back more often than others.

I often go to fear. And this leads me to feel anxious and disconnected from faith. I am far away from the present and I am escaping being in my experience, in my body, and in reality. In those moments, I want to RUN and abandon myself. I want to run because the fear hurts too much. I feel like its unbearable to be able to untangle. It feels like it won’t end. In some ways it feels like I will die! It’s painful because I am stuck and paralyzed in thought and worry and in that state, I am not happy and not my true self. This is very common for many of us – the pain of fear, the ache of feeling paralyzed, and hiding, isolating, and shutting down or acting out.

In those moments you might want to do everything except choose compassion, more love, and sweetness.

You might want to numb yourself. You might want to abandon your body and thus your self and your soul. You might want to literally and symbolically throw a blanket on your head and isolate. I know I go there when I am overwhelmed.

You are not alone.

In these moments, it is usually because we are at a crossroads. We are about to have a breakthrough. The breakdown is often lingering around the breakthrough. It is key to….

Lean in deeper to self-love when you feel like running. To nurture yourself sweetly when you feeling abandoning yourself coldly. This is your soul summoning you to come hold your tender skin ever deeper and ever more tenderly.

The truth is, stepping outside of your fears is terrifying.

It can hurt to sense where you are going to be, but are not quite there. The space between your current self and your future self can be painful, especially when you are so close to it. It hurts to be sitting with that pain. Life can be messy. But know this, when you are willing to sit in that fire and sit in that in between, you will be guided. You can hear your soul voice and it is your compass for the next steps. And your soul voice tends to get even deeper and stronger in these moments of massive change.

How to Heal with Your Soul in Charge

Allow yourself to be loved in sacred sisterhood.
You have this beautiful community on oneOeight and to create tribe and sisterhood. Comment and reach out to people that resonate with you. In addition, check out studios local to you and compliment someone. Smile. Make conversation and allow yourself to make friends. Sisterhood and tribe are soul medicine.

Communicate with your soul voice.
The relationship with your soul is just like any relationship, it takes time to cultivate. Take time to center into the space beneath your skin and bones. Dive deeper. Light a candle and tune your spiritual ear inward and say hi to your soul. Ask her how she is feeling and what she needs. Let your soul voice guide you.

Connect to your inner child.
Our inner child is constantly seeking love, reassurance, and safety. Most of the time when we are acting out, the inner child is craving your attention. Talk to your inner child. Give her/him love.

Tap into your divinity as diosa.
Diosa is the Spanish word for goddess. The divine Diosa is your beautiful sacred goddess self. Tap into her sensuality and femininity. What do you need to do in order to soften and feel your divine soft energy? There is power there.

Admit you are powerless in those moments of fear and confusion. Surrender it all to the divine. Write it out and burn it. Pray it out and release it. Surrender it all and you will be led. Every day, surrender it.

Write in the comments below and share with me how you listened to your soul and what came up for you around this topic.

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