Yulady Saluti


Yulady Saluti inspires people through her strength and courage. After battling and overcoming a serious colon rectal medical condition, Yulady dove head first into a new, healthy life filled with yoga and studies in Ayurveda. It was only three years into her practice at the age of thirty two (and during her 20th surgery related to her colon illness) that her doctors discovered that she had Stage 2 breast cancer. Yulady battled cancer successfully and continued to teach and practice yoga to help heal from her medical problems. Ever graceful and full of life, Yulady continues to inspire with her indomitable will to heal herself and teach her students how to persevere through any situation.

Yulady is the mother of six children and a devoted wife to fellow oneOeight guide Gerald Saluti. She is trained in Vinyasa yoga and combines incredible sequencing with breath and movement to create classes that both uplift her student’s spirits and strengthen their minds and bodies. Yulady has taken her vast knowledge of yoga and created classes specifically designed to help other individuals who suffer health problems. So whether you need to heal from a double mastectomy or simply want to be challenged to take your practice to a deeper level, Yulady has a class for you!


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