Stephen Bickle

Stephen credits his wife for encouraging him to try another yoga class after his first hot yoga class, which was not love at first vinyasa! When he joined a power class taught by Cheryl Deer, his mind was blown, his body was happy, and a new love was born. Stephen continued to deepen his practice and journey into yoga and fell in love with West Coast Power yoga after a move to Santa Monica in 2005. With amazing teachers, classes and practitioners he found a style resonated with him and found his voice upon completing teacher training in Tampa in 2009.

Though his style is constantly evolving, his strongest connection is to the function of the movement – why we do the poses, why sequencing is so important, and how we can better understand the movements of the body. With an engineers mind he dissects the poses and teaches students how to safely practice at a very physical level. Come to class ready to have fun, sweat your butt off, and maybe just find out a little about your own self and body!



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