Karen Samuels, Ph.D, licensed clinical psychologist, has married the practice of yoga to her healing work as a psychologist for over 30 years. The Founder/Director of COPE: Community Outreach to Prevent Eating Disorders, she received the 2014 National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Westin Family Award for Excellence in Activism and Advocacy.

A lifelong yogi, Dr. Samuels began her yoga teaching studies in 1970. After training and teaching full time during the 1980’s, her doctoral dissertation (1987) examined yoga as a foundation during pregnancy for first time mothers, noting the benefits to anxiety and body image. Continuing her interest in body image, weight, and shape concerns, Dr. Samuels has dedicated her life to the field of eating disorders. She lectures across the U.S. and published on topics such as eating disorder prevention and treatment of women at midlife and beyond. She developed positive self/body esteem workshops delivered to thousands of middle school girls. To learn more about COPE, their mission and body positivity, visit www.cope-ecf.org or their Facebook page.



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