Ivy Kaminer

Ivy Kaminar teaches Vinyasa Yoga using geometric alignment principles, guiding students towards creating symmetry, poise, and balance in their yoga practice. Ivy also uses her extensive background and certification in Steele Pilates, to infuse techniques that serve as functional and beautiful complements to the yoga practice and create further balance and supports the structural integrity of the body

Ivy Kaminer has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga, both group and private sessions in NYC since 2007 and traveling with her partner, Phillip Askew, teaching workshops and retreats internationally since 2011. In addition to teaching yoga, Ivy also has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University, with a concentration in Clinical Psychotherapy.  Ivy believes all yoga is therapy and is interested in the ways in which the physical body affects the emotional body and vice versa.

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