Gerald Saluti


Gerald Saluti is a student of the movement of the human body. With a background steeped in athletics, Gerald molded his passion for movement and his study of anatomy into a dedicated yoga practice. He took his first yoga class over 10 years ago and was drawn both to the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Intrigued, he attended his first teacher training, numerous yoga workshops, festivals, and events and  with a long-standing desire to teach yoga, embarked on a new chapter of his life.

Gerald is known for his classes that focus on linking breath to movement with a heavy emphasis on core engagement and the interplay between the recruitment of different muscle groups. Gerald’s classes are designed to challenge you but also leave you peaceful and serene. By moving the body towards physical limits in asana, and connecting movement with breathe, his students learn how to unlock a new mental clarity and overall sense of wellbeing. He is the father of six beautiful children and the devoted husband of Yulady Saluti, another oneOeight guide. If you want to be challenged, nurtured, and uplifted, Gerald has what you need!



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