Colleen Saidman Yee is an internationally respected yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience. From the first time she took a yoga class, she experienced it’s incredible healing powers and felt inspired to share this transformative practice with others. Yoga became the center of her life and helped her to cope with some of life’s greatest challenges.

In 1999, Colleen opened Yoga Shanti Sag Harbor and since then has opened locations in New York City and Westhampton Beach, which she runs with her husband, Rodney Yee and partners. Colleen, along with Donna Karan and Rodney, also created the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program, utilized in healthcare facilities around the country.

The New York Times christened Colleen “The First Lady of Yoga”. She has also been featured in Vanity Fair, New York magazine, Oprah, Marie-Claire, Allure, and Yoga Journal. In 2015, Colleen released her first book Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom, a biography and memoir aimed to help you feel truly alive and to embody the peace of the present moment.

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  • Yoga For Life by Colleen Saidman

    Yoga For Life by Colleen Saidman



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