Full Moon in Aquarius: Horoscopes for the Week of August 15th

Tuesday, August 16th

1:23 PM PT – Sun in Leo trine Uranus in Aries both at 24 degrees

Wednesday, August 17th

7:15 PM PT – Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn both at 15 degrees

Thursday, August 18th

2:26 AM PT – Full moon penumbral/almost but not quite an eclipse at 25+ degrees Aquarius

August is one of the more challenging months of the year, one that will help us to make some potentially difficult, but very important decisions so that come the fall we can begin to take certain and well-considered steps forward. The Saturn/Mars conjunction that happens on August 24th is to blame or thank for that. Even though it’s a little off in the distance, this week we will still feel the impending pressure of that predicament; astrological patterns are felt in their culmination, peak and release.

However, the only dramatic astrological event that is upon us this week is the full moon and a (not quite) penumbral lunar eclipse in Aquarius. It’s a full moon that some sources say is technically an eclipse; however no shadow will actually be cast over the moon. It may be a little more intense than a regular full moon but not quite eclipse material. It’s more like a prelude to the eclipses that are sure to knock some socks off in September.

Full moons always bring a kind of frenzied peak to the week and to our lives, however. This full moon is well-positioned to help us make breakthroughs in our ability to creatively use the power of our intellect to innovate, experiment and revolutionize as we need to.

With the sun making a supportive sextile to Uranus, we’ll feel a little more free to go our own way without hesitation. Breaking from the norm is a theme for this full moon week, but not in a way that feels overly disruptive or threatening. It’s more of a well-thought out break from tradition. With the asteroid named after the wisdom goddess, Pallas Athene, conjunct this full moon in the intellectual air sign of Aquarius, this is a lunation that can assist us in accessing the power of perspective.

Venus’s trine to Pluto the day before this month’s full moon also helps to pave the way for connecting to others in the most practical and powerful of ways. A full moon in Aquarius refocuses our awareness on how to take what is within us and pour it forth to the collective. What is the use in having a gift if we don’t give it to others?

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising
The silver light of Thursday’s full moon reflects the growth of friendships both old and new. Thursday’s full moon also highlights the group projects that you have been working on and the culminations of community endeavors.

This week also points out the polarity between your need to express yourself as an independent entity and your need to gather with those that hold your hopes and dreams with you.

Who is around you now and who helps to remind you of your larger goals and your bigger visions? Who inspires you to roar in your own unique way? Who helps to encourage your creative self expression and who helps you to downplay your fears?

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirring and worrying that we aren’t doing life right because it doesn’t look like how we think it should, but that’s why we have friends. That’s why we go to the group gatherings that get our creative juices flowing. That’s why we seek out those that can see what we cannot. That’s why we need to stay connected to the social circles that know how to take their inspirations seriously. That’s why we need to keep ourselves in the mix with folks that are just the right amounts of inspiring and strategic. Find your way to your people this week and honor the full moon by receiving the wisdom that the group wishes to give.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

This Thursday’s full moon fills your 10th house of career with wisdom, insight and just the right amount of foresight to help you piece together your next move or plan of action. You’ll be noticed for what you know this week. You’ll be valued for your ability to move towards your visions. You’ll be seen as the warrior that you are.

Try to watch for ways in which you are able to use your creative intelligence to find new solutions to old problems. This full moon wants to highlight your intuitive intelligence so make sure you step up when you are called upon. This is no time to pretend that you don’t know what you do. This is a time let your visions and your wisdom shine.

Notice when historical narratives about not being enough, not knowing enough or not valuing your intellectual contributions arise. Notice if there is some false belief there about not being the “smart” one, or about being embarrassed by and having to hide your own intelligence. August has you encountering your foundational set-ups. It has you examining the psychological food that you were fed growing up. It has you understanding how your past experiences inform your present work.

This full moon can also demonstrate how brilliantly you have been able to use what was difficult in the past to fuel what you are able to make out of your career in the present. Nothing we do is done in isolation. Take into account what you have experienced. Take into account what you come from. Take into account your past, your ancestors and your history to make informed and formidable steps towards what you wish for your life, here and now.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Thursday’s full moon sits next to the asteroid named after the wisdom goddess, Pallas Athene. It’s in the intellectually astute sign of Aquarius. It’s happening in the area of your chart that governs the wisdom of all ancient and modern traditions.

Your current astrology wants to help you trip-out with this set up.

It might send you off on a wild adventure, seeking the knowledge that you currently need. It might bring you or your work, your own wisdom, out into the world in a way that exposes you to a new experience of being seen, heard and witnessed for what you know. It might bring you into contact with the warrior side of your nature. It might bring you the kind of courage that you need when engaging in spiritual pursuits. But the full moon could also quite simply help you to see where it is you wish to go and what the best route to take there will be.

It’s a full moon that wants to help you gain some perspective. It’s a full moon that wants to help you get a breath of fresh air. It’s a full moon that is full of interesting ideas and inquiries into the nature of your life path at the moment. And while you might be overly occupied with the ins-and-outs of the more important relationships in your life right now, Thursday’s lunar light wants to help you gain some perspective via the bigger picture.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Thursday’s full moon sheds light on the growing need to deepen your understanding of your mutual investments. Be they about sharing your time, energy, emotional life, finances or talents, the full moon in Aquarius has something to say about what you can do with what you’re willing to share.

Think outside of the box. Think beyond the limitations that insecurity can sometimes trick you into believing are real. Think through the mindset of being more free than you generally believe that you are. You might be feeling the need to innovate the way you create a livelihood, innovate your situation through the funds that you bring in or experiment with new ways of working with what you have.

Take the risk.

At least intellectually. At least entertain the idea of doing something differently. At least let yourself wander around with muses more bravely than you are sometimes willing to be. Think about what you could put together that encourages co-creation. Help healing occur through being willing to add value to your partnerships through generously giving of what you have. Consider the fact that there are breakthroughs to make that you haven’t even entertained. Give sweet foods, flowers and your prayers to wisdom goddesses. Ask them to guide your thinking in regards to how you can pay off debts, build your financial life and use what you have to create more justice and generosity in the world through your work and your collaborations.

Leo & Leo Rising

Thursday’s full moon lights up those that are in front of you. The significance of your significant others, whether they be romantic, business or bestie type partnerships, will be made quite obvious this week. Some relationships will come to a natural peak. Whether that leads to a commitment, a closure or just a close encounter, keep the lines of communication open.

Those that you are close to will most likely bring you an important reflection. See what they have to say. Stay observant of your pride getting in the way of listening. We miss out on so many opportunities for growth when we assume too much about each other. Wisdom wants to come to you through those that you are connected to. Stay curious about them, especially if you have known each other for long time. We miss out on so many opportunities to know ourselves more deeply when we assume we know everything. Humility and an inquisitive spirit can create all kinds of opportunities for enlightenment.

This week, make yourself available for the insight that you would have otherwise missed.

Since Saturn has been setting you up with some hard and fast lines about what you can and cannot create through desire alone, this full moon is here to remind you that you aren’t in this alone. Desires are funny things. Sometimes they lead us towards their exact likelihood and sometimes they lead us down completely unknown territory. Places we would have never chosen to go of our own accord. It’s good to know who’s there to support us no matter where we find ourselves or in which direction we have been asked to travel.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This Thursday’s full moon fills your calendar with all the important jobs that need your insight, effort and energy. There are many solutions, innovations, improvements and even breakthroughs that can be made in your work right now. There are new ways of doing the same work that can help both it and you to grow.

You don’t need to approach your projects in the same ways you used to. If you listen, look and learn from your current situation you might see that there is a greater freedom that you have to work with. It’s something of an attitude shift. A new way of seeing yourself in the situation. A refusal to put yourself inside paradigms that try to persuade you to be petty, preoccupied with unimportant things or vying for false indicators of power.

Move towards the truly transformative; move towards connection.

This Wednesday holds a special signature for your tribe. Venus’s trine to Pluto helps you to remember the transformative power that organically transpires when we are open to connecting to those that we feel sincerely drawn towards and to investigating those that are drawn to us. This full moon might have you busy, but don’t forget to look up from your screen for long enough to see the beauty that is in front of you. And don’t be too shy to give out a couple of compliments and heart-felt sentiments to those that move you to do so.

Libra & Libra Rising

Thursday’s full moon might have you reveling in the wisdom of the children that surround you or remembering the wisdom that comes when you give over to having child-like abandonment. Play. Discover. Uncover the talents that you have when you don’t put any pressure on them to succeed.

Make sure that you leave some room for fun and that you allow yourself to be present for it when it is occurring.

This life, this day, this moment is all we have. When we make the most of it we’ve succeeded, no matter our bank statements or resumes. Pleasure has its own wisdom, along with its own rewards. Allowing ourselves to enjoy what we have been given without comparing it to anyone else is what freedom feels like.

Get a little more free this week.

Thursday’s full moon also highlights the creative projects that you have been working on and the wisdom that comes when you are able to follow your creative impulses through to fruition. Since there has been a heavy emphasis on what to constructively do with the time that you have, this full moon might help you do so with a little more joy and a little less worry.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Thursday’s full moon highlights your home-life, family connections and your bottom-line, basic needs. You might need to spend a little extra time curled up on the couch, resting, reconnecting and touching down to make sure the you are meeting your own needs.

Our needs are wise. They aren’t arbitrary. They are linked to something much deeper than what we can see on the surface. Meeting our needs is a way to reconnect to our own wisdom. It’s a way of fostering and facilitating a relationship with the knowledge that we came in with. With the knowledge that we had before we learned to reason, write or be right.

Needs have their own rightness. Needs are right even if they aren’t logical. They lie beyond the realm of making sense. They need not prove their importance or their legitimacy. If we serve them they will reward us. When we make them a priority they transform from annoying nags that disrupt our schedule to portals of powerful reconnection with ourselves.

Through taking care of our inner life we learn everything we could ever need to know about taking care of our outer life. Serve yourself first, then find a way to pour that wisdom forth through all that you do in the world.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

August is no ordinary month for your team. It’s full of potentiating plays and tests of your temperament. It’s a time to take into consideration just how far you’ve come over the last year and a bit. Rebuilding yourself is no small situation. Make sure that you are looking at everything with a great amount of understanding in regards to your process of becoming.

The work that you are working on isn’t a casual affair. It needs commitment. It needs a promise from you that you will stick it through. It needs you in this for the long-haul.

Pay attention to the recent revelations that that have helped you commit to realizing your dreams, staying your course and keeping yourself on the path you know is yours to tread. Pay attention to the breakthroughs that you’ve made, especially the ones that help you put all the hard work you have ahead into perspective. Pay attention to the thresholds that you’ve successfully crossed, notice the growth that has taken place and don’t be afraid to reach out to those that might be able to help you.

Thursday’s full moon brings to consciousness all the progress that you have made in regards to your ability to connect with others, spread your message and make use of your days. Use this week to keep encouraging these connections. Meet for tea, pick up the phone when it rings, answer the emails that come in and make sure you send out the messages you most wish to be received on the days leading up to the full moon.

Especially on Wednesday. Use that day to reach out to those that can help you get professional messages out into the world as well as those that can assist you through constructive connections and introductions to those that are interested in your causes.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This week’s lunation might help to bring a work project to fruition. It might help to amplify your financial situation. It might help to inspire you to break through old fear around your contributions, your value and the way in which you make a living.

Let yourself relate to this area of your life differently.

For you, this lunar cycle has been about understanding the facts of your financials. That includes being clear about bank statements, investments and the kind of emotions that can get the best of you when the conversation turns towards numbers.

Money is made-up. But that doesn’t stop it from having a very real impact on our lives and it doesn’t stop us from projecting all of our hopes, fears and faults onto it. Thursday’s full moon wants to help you deal with financial fears (if you have them) by helping you to look at them with less emotion and more understanding.

We are more free than any amount of money could ever make us when we refuse to be owned by our fears. Stepping outside of yours, for even a moment, can give you the financial perspective that you need.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This week’s full moon lights you up. It’s coming correct with the asteroid Pallas Athene, a little piece of rock named after the great warrior goddess of wisdom and creative intelligence. Pallas Athene will be taking none of your nonsense nor anyone else’s. She also doesn’t take excuses. She can inspire great courage to act and great insight on how to. Her aim is truth and she’ll demand some from you. When you know what the answers are, it doesn’t much matter the challenge that stands in the way of you doing what you know you need to. Thursday’s full moon is apt to remind you of the importance of your mission. It might also bring with it the realization that it’s simply not optional.

No one else can fight our battles for us.

This full moon highlights all your recent efforts to realize your potential, but it also highlights the importance of your insights and your way of connecting to the wisdom that is yours to connect with. You don’t have to do the traditional thing. You don’t have to do the thing that everyone else says is responsible. But you do have to be responsible to the mission that is yours to make and to take the consequences in stride.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Thursday’s full moon calls you inward. It wants you to take a momentary break from being consumed by the chaos of the world, your days and their demands. It’s asking you to come back to your center so that you can take a sincere inventory of what has transpired.

Thursday’s full moon is asking you to make peace with what has left. It’s asking you to accept your vulnerability. It’s asking you to tap into the wisdom of seeing life with a great amount of perspective.

It’s asking you to make room for what is to come. It’s reminding you that you have no idea what life has in store for you and if you get caught up in thinking that you do, it will get the best of you.

Be with what is and be open to what is coming in.

Like connections that help to deepen your relationships. Like a better understanding of the spiritual value of a life lesson. Like more acceptance and less judgments about where you are in life and what that means in the eyes of your ego.

Keep finding ways to show up for the work that is yours to do in the world. Try to remember that when we focus on results we miss the process. When we miss the process, we miss the point entirely. Be with yourself throughout your days. Step-by-step, moment-to-moment.

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