What Frames You Need Not Define

Recently, I spent a week off grid.

I had been invited, with a small group of wonderful individuals, to do some deep work. I was honored to have been invited.

The experience was profound.

Having time away from devices that communicate was itself powerful. It became obvious early in the week, how attached to checking my phone I had become. I am not a person who relishes this behavior, so I was surprised how commonplace I was with it.

The four of us worked consciously with the directions of north, south, east and west to deprogram the mind. So many rich experiences happened this week. I am called to share one that was very important to me.

When I was young, in elementary school, I was cast as the Cowardly Lion in the the play, “The Wizard Of OZ”.

The stage was set, the costumes were on and we were deep into the work. I glanced down and a camera flash cleared my memory. I was mid point of ‘if I only had a heart’ and my mind was blank!

I have told this story for decades. A moment that I have allowed to define who I have been and what I could be.

This week long process allowed me to evolve what I had always thought of as a loss of power, transforming it into a moment of beauty and wholeness.

In only speaking about losing my lines, I was ignoring everything that came before and after.

I never talked about the weeks of preparation for the role. I didn’t acknowledge that I wanted to be on stage, that I liked the idea of being a part of the lead cast. I rarely talked about the fact that I recovered the lines and finished the song and the play.

Going back to that event helped me recognize all of those things and more. For a long time, I had made this moment a punch line in my life, joking about forgetting my ‘Lions.’

I see now that I let my Lion roar in that moment. I did it with preparation, commitment, and dedication. It has changed so much about my life this past week and I look forward to spreading it to all the corners of my world.

How could revisiting a moment of your past and reframing it bring power back into your life?

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