Equinox Earth Magic

Rejoicing in the Sacred time and Blessings to you!

Day and night are of equal length as Mother Earth takes a sacred pause in Her rotation around the Sun. As we move into Spring in the northern hemisphere and transition to Autumn in the southern hemisphere, these Earth rhythms reflect powerful changes within our own psyche’s and is an opportunity to create powerful rituals for our lives that support our sacred desires, our nourishment, and creative growth.

Now is a time of reclaiming the balance of the Light and Dark within us; to both activate our power, love, truth and wisdom and embrace the parts of ourselves that feel challenged, fearful, suppressed, and hurt. At this powerful time on The Wheel Of The Year, we can hold all this in the center of our beings with awareness, shed the ego and Rebirth fully into the Light of our Soul’s dreams and grounded intentions.

At this time we give thanks and honor the Goddess Ostara, also called Eostre. She is the Goddess of Fertility (the words East and Easter originate from Her) represented by the increase of light coming from the east in Springtime. She is celebrated at this time to support us in creating fertile ground for new creative projects, adventures, abundance, prosperity and fruitful ways of being.


May we fill our hearts with gratitude for all our blessings and ignite the vibrations of all we wish to experience in the coming season. As we feel this in our hearts and bodies, we project this to the mirror of the Universe and magnetize this into our lives.

~ Plant wildflower/veggie/flower seeds after you blow on them with your breath and speak you intentions and soul dreams into them. Watch your dreams grow!

~ Burry a hard boiled egg in the Earth with your intentions painted on it with words and images (this derives from the Goddess tradition in celebration of Fertility Goddess, Ostara who supports this ritual)

~ Dance, practice yoga, and move consciously to let go of the old and start anew by focusing on the breath and with the inner feelings of all the values and qualities you wish to embody

With Equinox Love,

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