Embrace Your Femininity in Bonaire!

Feminine energy is one not to be messed with. The divine feminine knows intuitively the secrets to access the cosmic field of awareness, clarity, and healing. As sisters, daughters and mothers, we all have the same capacity and capability to make magic happen from the mess.

Restore & Renew, oneOeight’s upcoming Women’s Retreat in beautiful Bonaire is about healing from the inside out. You will learn tools and techniques that will help you make your journey much sweeter as well as your story much richer. The movement part will connect you back to your body in a way that is authentic and celebratory. Breath work will outline the principles of Prana and how to use your vital life force for the highest good of all things. Meditation will increase your focus, your ability to be still and become the witness rather than suffering in the victim seat. At times you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone, to stretch your limbs to places you’ve never gone before and understand the art of letting go. Practicing owning our pain so we don’t pass it on will be the foundation of my teachings, to embrace our stories but not become them, rather shed the skin. Through this process we reprogram physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will move from being lost to a field where we can clearly recognize and access our needs and powers. Through this type of work we not only heal ourselves, but the world at large.

Transformation only happens when we look within, and this retreat will be a time to get involved much deeper. This involution will take you much closer to your evolution.

You will be surrounded by females alike showing up with caring without projections or judgement who will not only support your growth, but open up a vast space for sacred healing to come forth. When we dive into the obstacle and use it as a way to bring remedy to the solution, we all benefit from this level of consciousness.

Here is your opportunity to join me and oneOeight guides Jennifer Pastiloff and Achintya Devi on a path that will lead you to the most luminous light – yourself. I hope you’ll join us.

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