Diving In – Chinese Medicine and the Earth Element

The transition from summer to fall can be a busy time as we continue our summer fun and travels while preparing to settle into the routine of fall.  Right now, I am trying to buy the correct school supplies, sign the kids up for fall sports and do back to school clothes shopping, while preparing for 3 more long weekend trips before school begins.  According to Chinese medicine, this transition (late summer to fall) is linked to the earth element and the spleen and stomach meridians.  If there is spleen qi disharmony, it is not uncommon to notice digestion issues (including abdominal discomfort, trouble with controlling appetite, or loose stools), slight weight gain, obsessing over food and meal planning, and/or excessive worrying.  We don’t have to accept this and live suffering in this way!

Here are a few simple lifestyle suggestions that may to connect you with the earth element and support healthy spleen qi.

  1. Adapt your yoga practice – Try more standing poses while focusing on grounding. With every inhale think “nourishing”, with every exhale think “grounding”.   Focus on practicing poses that work the tissues where the spleen and stomach meridians lie, such as sphinx, cobra, up dog, wide knee child pose, bhekasana or low lunge.
  2. Food therapy – Eat root vegetables, and orange/yellow foods like pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato and squash. Go easy on dairy and rich foods.  Avoid raw or cold foods and focus on warm and cooked foods like soup.  Try not to overeat and chew food well.  Enjoy the process of eating!
  3. Work on cultivating the ability to connect in your relationships- Find time to connect, nurture and support yourself as well as others.  Do you find time for solitude and cultivate self-reliance?  How do you care for yourself?  Is there a balance for giving and receiving?  How do you contribute to your community?

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