Letting Go

There is a time for birth and a time for death. There is a time for being awake and a time for being asleep. There is a time for being ahead and a time for being behind.

We live in a culture that denies and tries to avoid the darker 1/2 of existence, and yet, to experience wholeness we have to live and integrate it all.

My favorite part of the moon cycle is the dark of the moon. Those 3 1/2 days before the new moon is exact are some of the most potent, magical and mystical days of the whole month. This is a time for retreat, dream work, cleansing, detoxing, introspecting, reflecting and letting go. In our fast paced western culture these things are often seen as not having value. Western culture sees value in things we are doing, money we are making, people we are impacting, how many followers on social media we have. But we all need downtime, and the inner journey is just as much, if not MORE, important than the outer journey.

In astrology the taurus/scorpio axis is the axis of holding on (taurus) and letting go (scorpio). It is also the axis of form (taurus) and trans-form-ation (scorpio). As I write this the sun is still in libra but it will be in scorpio on october 22nd- heading us into the dark time of the year. From samhain (halloween) to winter solstice- those of us in the northern hemisphere experience shorter days, longer nights and for many of us colder weather. We are heading into the time of the year to turn within and let go of what is no longer valuable and needed for surviving the winter (this was literal for our ancestors- as winter was a time people could die of hunger or cold).

For me, letting go isn’t always easy- but resisting letting go when it’s the best thing for me always brings suffering. Letting go by actively surrendering helps me to move with what is- rather than move against what is not. I am still learning how to do this- and I will say shadow work, meditation and yoga, help me to be present to all that is and all that is not. They help me realize when it is time to let go <3

Have a blessed October!

~harmony raye (divine harmony)

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