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Blessings! Happy Aquarian full moon. Aquarius is the water bearer & rules the galactic higher mind. Perfect for our August theme “dive in”.

I’m here in Oregon for this moon cycle with my beloved & my daughters. In April I was living in an apartment on the beach in Quintana Roo Mexico, just outside of Tulum. Universe guided me to check on my bus in Grass Valley. She had been our home for 2 years & I had left her there for four months while I filmed for oneOeight in Seattle, led teacher training in Costa Rica, led a retreat in Tulum and posted up in Tulum after a missed flight at the end of the budget.

Anyway, I felt I had to go back to cold Grass Valley because the bus could have been ridden with mold. She wasn’t. One cupboard had a tiny bit. Upon arrival, it was very obvious that our co-parenting friendship wasn’t going to flow in that bus anymore. My assistant (iISY goddess Paizley) drove me to LA to pick up the lotus belle that had been gifted to me a year before but I never had a way to get. So I pitched that shit. In a field 200 feet from the bus. One week later I was handing the hose to the temporary gardener, my acquaintance of 6 years, Ryan Quintana. Blast off. It literally felt like a planet exploded between us that moment at the hose. It felt like Saturn’s rings expanding from the mid-point between us. The energy was unreal. I haven’t felt anything like that before, this energy was coming from US, together.

It was ON. We got the blessings from the babes dad too and it all felt so fated. We drove to Utah together to visit my mum and when he didn’t come to the jungle with me to alchemize the goddesses on my training I felt so sad and thought maybe it wasn’t right after all. I saw something on Instagram that day that read “indecision is the decision” and I felt like we probably weren’t right or we would have chosen to be together. My journey alone in the jungle with two young girls was full of emotion. We had that powerful new moon in Cancer & alongside missing the love, I was being totally blessed up by spirit right and left. Our collective dream even manifested a castle! Mine and Ryan’s love was growing in the psychic realm each day that passed. He is my muse. After the training I left the castle to be with him. My original plan was to stay there until September. It is the home of my heart! It seemed crazy and took me many weeks to make the decision to leave my personal paradise manifestation and DIVE IN to love, family, and the Pacific Northwest! The cabin we live in was basically a storage unit for 3 years and doesn’t have power yet! Our first moon cycle together has been full of challenges but the love keeps blossoming each day. It’s SO scary to share this. Who knows what will happen! I get embarrassed easily, Aries does. I just feel really clear about this next bit and is the reason I feel aligned with pressing send.

You can dive! Whatever it is, universe is going to support you with what you need. It might not work out, but follow your heart and trust the experience is for you, designed by you. Lately I feel more and more stoked to invite in anything that universe is offering. For years I pushed it all away but now I realize I need these teachings, these contrasts. During my training I was talking to my man long distance and producing for Instagram and a little bit for Snapchat, plus teaching 6 am -6 pm and being a mama (with help). There wasn’t that much time for my own inner gaze. I can always find it at night or early in the morning but I know my soul called in this current isolation situation to decompress. I have been cooking on the wood burning stove, even for hot water! My phone is always dead so I really can’t produce and the kids can’t watch a movie so they are using imagination in nature if we are at home, solamente. Our love Quintana has been blasting us with powerful nature and this photo was taken after we scaled a mountain with the babes to get down to the dope spot. He is a rock climber. Seriously. I recommend these! His chest feels like home to me. Send us your blessings and come activate with us in Oregon this September (offering coming soon) or in Bali this fall/winter, or in Costa Rica in February. He speaks fluent Spanish so I’m really excited to be down there with protection. It’s been quite the challenge for me down there not fluent in Spanish. Ok, now I feel like my blog is just a love note to my sweetheart.

I love all of you tribe. I love the parts of you that you hide. I love the parts of you that cry or scream or pop off. I want you to trust in what is happening and even if it feels like shit I want you to open yourself to receive the messages from your highest guides. I am here to share that everything that happens to us is for us, designed by us, to activate us, heal us & through devastation, rip apart our hearts to become a reservoir to hold more love. I hope my message translates!

Start with what you have and DIVE! Live life without fear. Tell yourself “it’s all happening, life is happening, I am supported” then GIVE THANKS before you receive the wisdom, the blessings or the needs met. Dive in and swim deep my loves. Everything you experience or uncover is absolutely perfect and so are you. I will be diving into my third eye this full moon with my activated high-vibrational fire, earth match. I will be sending you strength from the outer realms.

I will be diving into my third eye this full moon with my activated, high vibrational, fire-earth match.

Stay sexy baes

I love u endless


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