Creating Space for Growth

Happy New Year!  Belatedly!

It is almost the end of January and renewal is the theme of the month!

Letting go of what no longer serves and creating energy and space for the light of new growth is usually what many talk about in the first weeks of the New Year.   

Like many have said and written, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions!  By late January, most people have already lost the momentum of 3 weeks ago. Setting intentions, deepening awareness, looking ahead, maybe those are different words for the same. 

What are the themes of your life that you are dedicating time and energy to this year?

But every New Year’s Day, my journal comes out and I do take pen to paper and review the year behind, examine what are my most celebrated moments to cherish, where is my growing edge, and what do I most look forward to in the months to come?

Mostly, my journals over the many decades of my life have fallen into themes. 

Each year, it is quite enlightening to read about the year, my moments of crushing challenge or upset, or revelry and recall how intense it was.  Especially appreciating how much better it is now….

Wow, time really does heal and give a much calmer perspective.  Every day, every time.

Here are some of the themes that help me reflect, review, celebrate, reframe and refocus:

How is my health?  What do I most want to pay attention to with intention?  What helps?  What hurts?

How is my relational health, and the depth and resilience of my relationships?  Where has my heart sung with joy with my beloved, my dearest friends, my nemesis?

Where is the next adventure and how are my itchy feet carrying me forward in the months ahead?

What am I most looking forward to?  For fun, for a challenge, for excitement, for growth?

What is grounding me in my life today?  What practices are most invaluable and important to maintaining the steadfast journey of learning, growing, accepting and planting where I am?

What challenges have I overcome that are important to remember and learn from?  What have I learned most of all that guides me as I look ahead? 

What is the true thing that is central to keeping me in a state of humility, learning and loving?

So, my journal is full of the annual musings and reflections.  What about yourself?  What are you working on, thinking about, cherishing, celebrating???

Much love,


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