“Come out of the masses, stand like a lion and live your life according to your own light. “ – OSHO

Can we truly be brave and fearless in this world of war and wounds? This world of uncertainty and insecurity?  This world of trial and punishments? This world of duality?

Of course! Of course we can. When we are basically mature enough to take responsibility for the repercussions of our own actions and predicaments, taking full responsibility no matter what the outcome to whom or what the cause then we can stand naked in the world and create fearlessly.

There are stages of transformation. A 5 year old can not be compared to a 20 year old. A 5 year old will go through what a 5 year old goes through and a 20 year old is in their own reality separate and far from the 5 year old. Each age and climate has its own setting and vibration. Fear, courage, trust, these things we all can cultivate in our own time and with our own choices. Being identified with our conditioning and our past is a sure way to prevent us from living and loving fearlessly.

Courage is after all, the willingness to take the risk of the unknown again and again with totality and full abandon. This gateway of courage is the beginning of truth and the onset of freedom.

Respect where you are, accept where you are and cultivate awareness of courage in all that you do and by and by it will become second nature and courage will become your very step, your very breath.



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