Corn Moon in Aquarius

The visionary Aquarian Corn ‘Empress’ Moon coupled with the last rays of this Leo Sun offer a unique window of ‘shining’ and offering our desires and dreams, to be seen and witnessed, so that we can embody them more fully in devotion to the planet. We are becoming adept to what is and what is not working in our lives through the lens of how we contribute to the world.

Collectively, we are getting clear as to what we truly want and need in our lives, specifically related to how we offer our dharma and creative gifts as service, as a ‘Water Bearer’. As we come closer to our heart truth knowing, we shed away what no longer serves us. Thus, this can also be a time to time to release frustrations, hurts, comparison, anger, doubt, negative self-talk, etc… and then attune to the frequencies of trust, desire, possibility, service and love. When we align ourselves to these frequencies, we empower ourselves to make clear choices and experience peace and contentment, even when the storms may be intense.

This is also the time of the Corn Moon, as named by some Native America tribes, and is honoured as foundational sustenance provided by Mother Earth. The corn moon is mirrored as the Empress, she who understands the cycle of all life. The Empress knows that to fully experience and appreciate the gift of living, we must experience its entirety, from all spectrums. Both Aquarius and the Empress show us that we must be open and ready to accept all responsibility that comes with the precious visions we receive and how we implement them.

Corn Moon Attributes

Tarot: The Empress
Herbs: Chamomile, St. John’s wort, Fennel, Rue
Colors: Yellow, Gold
Stones: Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper,
Animals: Lioness, Phoenix, Hawk
Goddesses: Gaia, Demeter, Corn Mother
Medicine: Gathering, Gratitude, Health & Wellness, Friendships, Bounty, Motherhood

Ritual Suggestions

Water Bearer Gratitude: List all the things you are grateful for in your life from this year in how you serve and share your gifts (truly acknowledge yourself), place this in the moonlight (outside or window) to attract more experiences to be grateful for. Then, write down all the things you are ready to release and either burn them or offer them to a body of water.
Empress Dance: Put on music you love and offer your heart through dance in devotion to how you wish to serve and express your gifts in the world.
Dream Speak: Pay close attention to your dreams and visions in the full moon. Record them in a journal and speak them out loud. Only by writing them down or speaking them will the sometimes subtle (or not so subtle) meaning and message be revealed to you.
Water Bearer Moon Bathe: Get into the magic of the moonlight and absorb her luminous, activating, soul stirring and healing balm. Look to the moon and speak the visions that you see for yourself and for the planet.
Gem Stone Activation Meditation: Place any of the above gemstones (after they have been charged in the moonlight) or ones you are currently working with, on your brow point/third eye either during the full moon or in the sun light to activate your visionary center of intuition and receive the messages that you are ready for. Breathe fully and deeply as you lie down and relax.
Journal Questions: What is an Empress? How does she serve? How can I embody the Archetype of Empress in my own life? What is a Water Bearer? How am I that? What am I ready to release so that I can serve more fully on my dharmic path? What gifts am I ready to shine?
Remember: Put out your gem stones and jewels in a window or in water for cleansing, renewal and activation. Place an apple and glass of water in the moonlight and have it for a ‘Visionary Water Bearer’ breakfast the next morning.
Commune: Gather in an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now can be a powerful time to be with the energy of the collective.

Full Moon rituals can be done the day before, of and after the actual full moon. This is the 3 day potency period. Blessings to you in this wondrous and magical time.

With Lunar Love, Achintya

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