Come To Life and Give Thanks

To the ancients, May was the start of summer as they sometimes divided the year into 2 halves – summer and winter.  In May the sun starts to move ever higher in the sky, the days get longer and warmer and the flowers start to bloom! May is a time for celebration, joy, passion, fertility and Divine Union!

As I sit here in Avalon (Glastonbury, England) during the week of Beltane- the cross-quarter day between spring equinox and summer solstice – I am really feeling this time of year on so many levels. The quarter days and cross-quarter days are the gates of the sun. As the sun journeys around the wheel of the year (aka the zodiac) he goes through 8 gates.  Right now we are in between the gate of ressurection (spring) and the gate of ascension (summer). This is the gate of fertility and Union- a time the earth warms and starts to comes into the fullness of life. So, too, do we come to life and we give thanks for the sun’s increasing light. In the ancient days winter could be bitter and harsh.  Many of the ill or the infirm and at times even the young would not make it through winter.  So when May came they heralded it with much festivity and fun as now we were heading into the light half of the year where death, darkness and bitter cold would be a memory of the past! (of course this is for people who live where there is a bitter cold winter- for those living near the equator like I did growing up in Hawaii have a different embodied experience of winter and honestly, it took me moving to the mainland and living in snowy places to really get it!)

Of course today we have artificial heat and light and all kinds of comforts that make any time of the year a lot easier.  And there is still something to be said for tuning into the cycles of the sun as we are the daughters and sons of Mother Earth and her seasons are our natural rhythms.  Because of our artificial light and artificial calendars (the Gregorian calendar is not aligned with any solar, lunar or stellar cycles), many of us are out of touch with our bodies, with Mother earth and her natural rhythms.  Tuning into and aligning with the solar gates and lunar gates can be a very healing experience. I do calls on the 8 solar gates so if you are interested in getting theBeltanee call click on the ‘retreats’ section of the oneOeight website 🙂

This is a time to dance, be merry and to see the metaphoric seeds we planted at winter solstice/yule start to turn to flower! This is a time to affirm life and love!  This is also an exceptional time for Inner Union. To attract the necessary energies need to take the flower of your life and turn it into fruit (which happens at summer solstice).

Many blessings sent your way for a beautiful may!

~harmony raye (divine harmony)

p.s.  picture of the chalice well dressed for Beltane!  if you have not visited this sacred isle of Avalon and the chalice well I highly recommend coming for a visit!  it is pure magic here!

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