Are You Scared to Celebrate Yourself?

Celebration is a beautiful expression of joy and happiness. It can also be a source of anxiety for many. Since a young girl, I felt strange around my birthday. Birthday’s are usually a time of celebration but for me I felt uncomfortable being the spotlight. I cringed at the thought of people singing me happy birthday. My mom would tell me that I would get very shy and request to only do a birthday in private with few people.

Everyone has a different relationship to celebration. For some, they feel safe and comfortable celebrating others but not themselves. We spend so much of our time in yoga and spirituality and in life in general trying to fix things and get ahead and get to the next step that sometimes we forget to PAUSE and celebrate how far we have come.

As the years rolled on, I realized I was scared to be seen and to be loved. It’s okay to be shy but it was costing me the joy of being celebrated and loved on.

I slowly allowed myself to be seen more and to be celebrated. There is still a ways to go but I am now willing.

Have you been too focused on growth and not focused enough on enjoying the growth that has already happened… the place where you are now?

Are you uncomfortable receiving praise?

Does it make you feel weird to sit and pause and celebrate your accomplishments and growth?

What would it be like to just stop and give yourself some props (as we say in Brooklyn)?

Let’s take a moment (me included) to celebrate ourselves and tap into that joy that awaits when we shower ourselves with the joy that we deserve?

I am proud of myself for getting my driver’s license. I had gotten it years ago and I let it expire. Living in NYC, I didn’t really need it. I developed a big fear. Failed the test when I tried again out of anxiety. I did driving lessons. I practiced my butt off and I passed it last month! I feel such a massive relief and sense of accomplishment. I feel joy in knowing I kept on going even when it was tough.

What are you proud of you? Let’s celebrate you right now, you deserve it! Write in the comments below and let us celebrate each other!

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