Approaching Autumn

I’m ready for the fall like a plug is ready for a socket. There’s an electricity in the air that wants to be channeled, the only question is how to make sure that spark starts a fire that burns well into winter.

Spring and summer of course have their own wondrous energetic qualities. I’m stimulated by the flirtatious blossoming of spring, relaxed by the calm haze of summer, but I don’t feel the urge or have the energy to be productive as I do when a restful and frivolous summer flips into a fall. Below I’ll share some tips to get your energy channeled into action.

Here’s how I approach the season.

1. Wake up earlier, so you feel like there’s some “extra” time in your day.

2. Use this time to get fresh air, and maybe do a simple exercise like walking, running, or simple yoga that doesn’t take much mental energy, but moves your breath and allows your thoughts to flow freely.

3. Take a moment to write down your thoughts, no edits for now, you ever know if what seems like a random thought sparks a whole flood of relevant and useful ones later. When the seasons change your thought patterns tend change along with it, and I don’t know about you, but my best ideas come to me in a flash, but if I dont jot them down, they make like a leaf and fall (sorry couldn’t resist working that in somehow).

4. Go about your day, but at some point, read your notes, and edit them down to what is most stimulating, what gives you goosebumps, or at least echoes in your mind a bit. Somewhere in there you will find that you have an instinct or an urge to fulfill. It might be something small, like changing your exercise routine, maybe even stepping outside of yoga (!) or your eating habits, perhaps even picking up an artistic medium. It might be big like changing how or where you work, beginning or altering a relationship with someone. One thing for sure is that changing patterns is revelatory, and whatever is revealed will stimulate growth in some form.

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