And of the values you hold, dear…

Of late, I have noticed my periphery getting wider. I am moving further out into fields that were not strengths of mine. I do this with intent. I sweat some of this and still, I manage to find a spacious and consistent action towards growth.

For many years, I presumed that my interests were mine by design: anatomy geek scientist philosopher with a strong curiosity in astrology.

In that presumption, anything requiring more committed study, perseverance or sacrifice were left alone. I found it easy to distance myself from them with a story that said strengthen my strengths and leave the rest. I was not the author of my life.

Which brings Cynthia Occelli’s quote to mind: “For a seed to achieve it greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.”
Do you know the core values that govern your choices?

I have spent time in seed form.
Huddled up tight, accumulating knowledge and information, learning to trust my truths.
As a voice found in stillness began to whisper ‘what if…’

My seed form rooted down into knowing, a fertile earth running from source.
Leaves unfurled towards the light.

Once acclimatized to that core, I knew that no matter what direction I was to grow in, it would require what looked like destruction for everything to come out.

Holding that center line shields me with grace as I learn to expand beyond my comfort.
And I trust that the core that I move from shall always permit me to know my worth, and hold the center line as I continue to expand.

I learn more about essential oils and crystals.
I study business and marketing.

The choices I make root in my core values.

I am grateful for the years it took.
To revel in these values that I filter the world through. There are few gifts like it.
I have learned to let go of things that I unkindly tried to force change upon.
It took some time.
It takes time.

It is worth defending that little voice that whispers ‘what if…’
I think you are too.

May I offer you this practice?
Contact 13 of your people directly.
Ask them to name three of your best qualities.
Thank them for their responses.
Reflect on those qualities.
Name 5 values that resonate with you.

It is a fascinating practice and one worthy of the investment of time.
Explore. Experience. Refine.
Why these numbers?

13 is a number of transformation.
Three presents the trinity that is beginning, middle and end.
Five is an adaptable and charming number. It’s charisma invites us in to take a risk in doing this work.
Together they make eight, the number of the infinite.

Blessings on your Journey.


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