The Alchemy of Gratitude – A Daily Practice

Every night before I go to sleep I think of all the things I am grateful for until I literally nod off. It is way more powerful than any melatonin, seriously. Try it. Every night before you drift off to sleep, list all the things you are grateful for and watch how relaxed and happy you get. I do this especially when I have had a tough day. Doing this as a practice especially when we have harder days than others, really helps release tension and let things go.

Being grateful is one of the most overlooked practices of our lives when we think about it. We are all so busy trying to fix, take care and achieve things in our lives that sometimes it all builds up and we feel cornered and exhausted, or, filled with doubt and anxiety. Honesty, finding gratitude in the smallest things is like a healing tonic. The mind is so powerful. It can be so exhausting running around blaming the world or yourself for all the things that have gone wrong or pose challenges in our lives. The blame game truly sucks us dry. Gratitude is the antidote. I think to mostly everything.  My dear friend Mooji ( has this moment when he always brings his hands into prayer and lowers his head towards his heart and with a big smile repeating, “thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you..”

Here is his beautiful sharing of his thank you prayer. It’s soo worth the watch:

Underneath your suffering lies the denial of gratitude. Once we key into the acknowledgment of ‘thank you’, and a true sense of gratitude in our hearts, something chemical happens in our body that creates a let go and a flow. All resistance melts away. A peace comes over us and we move into a state of balance and ease. Suffering dissolves and ends.

Let us be thankful, even in our darkest moments as wisdom guides us to become stronger and more powerful, within ourselves beyond what things look like on the outside.

Our inner sense of gratitude cultivates an abode of endless transformation and elevation. It can’t not. Give it a go. Practice it. Include it. Daily.



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