A letter from me to you

Dear Yoga Adventurer,

As the first new moon of 2016 approaches you may feel naturally drawn toward the feelings of renewal. This is a fertile time of planting new seeds and of recycling and regenerating what we have harvested from previous experiences. The secret to making meaningful change is to meet your self where you are, and move slowly and confidently in the direction that you are being called. Setting massive and unattainable goals creates a failure trap that snares us every time. Subtle but sustainable shifts in consciousness begin with a single thought, step, or action.

What scratches your soul? When you know what gives you a sense of purpose and joy then you know what to move toward, or conversely, what to move away from. We all have strategies or coping mechanisms that protect us, but they can also hold us back from realizing our full potential. If we have been told that we aren’t capable, whole, beings that are filled with potential then we eventually start to believe it. This belief then manifests itself in our behavior. When we believe that we aren’t likely to succeed then we don’t take the risk of putting ourselves out there for fear of failure. This self-fulfilling prophecy is fortified over time and becomes what we believe to be our nature. But is not our nature, it is our nurture, be it our family, culture, peers or the media. We are being bamboozled by our own mind! Einstein said something along the lines of, “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”. Change your mind, change your life. One thought, one action, one breath can shift your path entirely.

If you are reading this then you are trying. You are trying to be the best version of yourself. You have already made the first move. As you prepare to go deeper and to renew your commitment to being your true self, use these five steps toward implementing small shifts that lead to a mindful and meaningful experience in this world.

First: Identify what belief hijacks your happiness. Is it fear, shame, guilt?

Second: Ask yourself, “Is this a real or false belief? If it is true then take steps toward resolution. If it is false then ask, where did it originate and how is it serving me?

Third: Remember that your true, unadulterated nature is whole, capable and filled with potential, despite what others may have told you.

Fourth: Use your potential. Put yourself in situations that activate and enhance your potency.

Fifth: Just Try. Use my motto, which is that I am more afraid of not trying than I am of failing.

Be inspired to be you. You are beautiful and powerful.

Love Coral

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