What 40 + 3 Means for You and Stability

As you approach 2017, it’s a time of embracing all the changes that have come and the places you’d like to go.

The number forty is significant: It’s the highest number ever counted to on Sesame Street, it’s the number of chapters in the book of Exodus, and it’s the number of weeks that humans gestate before birth.

This last one is significant to me because forty years ago today I was born. My celebration is a ritual of giving gifts. You honor me to receive these three things I believe make a difference in acquiring stability.

Meditation. Consider this example. It’s the holidays and perhaps you find yourself in conversation just waiting for your turn to speak, painting a pretty picture with words, composing a response rather than listening.

Holding on to the thing you want to say keeps you from being in the flow of that moment and that’s meditation.

In stillness we are connected to source. Withdrawing the senses allows us to focus on the eternal that is present within. We experience stability that prompts openness and expands our range. Those good things matter for the collective, our growth as an individual.

Spending five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night focusing on the breath will change your life. Think of meditation like a muscle, and sitting still like going to the gym. The only way to get a muscle stronger is to use it…

In many forms throughout your day, the people that you surround yourself with richly impact the person that you are becoming and that is everything. Who do you choose to surround yourself with? Do you feel the positivity of their influence? Do you feel safe in their sway? That’s mentorship.

A friend taught me that people come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Take a moment and think about the people that you met this year past. Do they resonate with the person that you are creating your life around? Make no mistake, I mean you.

Now, consider the quality of people you would like to meet. What part of your life craves influence? How do these people inspire you? Where are three places you could encounter them in 2017? Engage in your community!

As you consciously shape the person that you are worthy of being, select the people you surround yourself with patience and persistence. Clear boundaries are a gift you give yourself as you cultivate openness and maturity, and the people that no longer serve your highest, no longer deserve your time.

I promise you, you are worth showing up for. And one day, when you find yourself acting as a mentor for another human being, they will be worth it too.

And that is where we come to Magnitude.

You are incredibly powerful. There is no one that is you. There is no one at all like you. Know this: we all benefit from your uniqueness. There is no one that can take that from you. That can replace your voice.

Deal with it in the ways that you must, but fear less. Do more. Make some noise. Inspire the people around you and have them do the same.

The world is conspiring to shower you with blessings and there are two choice on that path: that nothing is a miracle or that everything is. So what do you have faith in? How do you share your uniqueness with the rest of us?

My friend Elena asked just yesterday what does mastery mean to you? Imagine your definition and then add it to a life where mastery is threaded through all these characteristics of a life well lived…

For this life is the one that you have and it’s happening to you right now. This is your life. It’s beautiful and rich and marvelous and messy and complicated and where you have ended up is very logical. It’s a collection of many choices that got you here.

Question now is: Where do you want to go?

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